Proving that reality shows CAN help the economy, Showtime’s “Gigolos” has only aired one episode and already business is booming at the Las Vegas male escort service (for women only) Cowboys 4 Angels, featured on the series. The show didn’t have an easy time finding female “customers” for their escorts and producers are being very careful to skirt the law. No money changes hands on camera. Women pay the agency $300 for an hour, $550 for two hours, up to $15,000 to spend a week with the hunk of their choice. Hop over to the Cowboys 4 Angels website and pick out YOUR greased up and shirtless dream man. Unfortunately, there are no Richard Gere types. But they’ve all had STD tests. Episode 2 airs tonight.

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  1. The only pic they need to be showing is the cock pics but they look very gay. I can’t see a woman paying for cock maybe Janet, when all they have to do is go to the bar, work, supermarket, laundry mat, walking down the street, in school, in church, on the bus, train, plane and find someone to get laid. Just like the girls with ugly breast will get laid. So these guys are gay or they are for very old women.

  2. Excellent point Hello! I suspect they are for blue hair ladies with $$ to spend….or perhaps a few bald headed men with $$ to spend. Who knows?

    “Something” is going on for 15,000 a week. If it were innocent, why would they need to std testing?


    fat girls can get it.
    ugly girls can get it.

    for free.

    guys sometimes have to pay for it, even good looking, smart with it guys.

    but girls dont have to pay for it.
    especially not for creatures like these.

  4. anonTWO,
    Charlie Sheen doesn’t HAVE to pay for it, but he does- so he knows what he’s getting and he won’t have to ask her to leave. Busy women might feel the same way!

  5. I agree with Hello. Most men are hornier than most woman and like “the no strings attached sex”. Woman(most woman) like more intimacy before sex such as cuddling, kissing, that sort of thing.

    Isn’t Heidi Fleiss trying to get something like this going in Nevada?

    PS Cept for the first 2 men in the line up….the rest are kind of unfortunate looking.

  6. I watched this because it was new, and was expecting something on the order of the show “Hung”, but this goes far beyond that. It’s the raciest thing I’ve ever seen on TV – full frontal male nudity and full on soft porn scenes which leave nothing to the imagination except closeup shots of actual penetration. I was stunned, and for more reasons than just the sex. They freely advertise themselves as Gigolos, even to the point of discussing rates. The only thing left to the imagination is seeing the actual payment exchanging hands.

    Sidenote: the women who paid for services weren’t particularly attractive or unattractive. Pretty average looking actually, and seemed to be in their 30’s. One was a single woman who had been married twice before, and one whose husband let her choose a guy she wanted for her birthday as long as he could watch.

    My personal opinions as to why a woman would pay are 1) the assurance of having an STD free partner, 2) peace of mind knowing that the guy isn’t going to turn out to be homicidal after bringing him home, 3) confidence that he’s there primarily for her pleasure rather than his own. In short, for guaranteed satisfaction.

  7. I think the gigolos have to take acting lessons and certain meds to be able to take out these rich old bags and give them their undivided attention, all the time trying to think of the $$$$.

  8. Wow, Rick had some really good points I hadn’t thought about. Are the women naked too?


    Hey Indy, I think If I was a gigolo I would have a paper bag with a photo of a young Ann Margret glued to it. Slip the bag over her head and do Ann for 15 minutes. lol…..I know, I know I’m a sick sick man.

  9. It’s been proven in the past that women aren’t willing to pay for this, any woman can get laid any time she wants to, and that’s the truth.

  10. Walt, yes the women were naked too. I only mentioned the guy because it happens so rarely, or at least used to.

  11. women?

    lance bass & perez hilton are their biggest customers!!

  12. Thanks Walt.
    I meant to ask you. I hunt small mouth myself here in Victoria. Although dragging a leech is the most productive lure I prefer the Rattlin Rappela crayfish. How about you? My biggest about six pounds out of Beaver lake.

  13. Hey Patrick,
    I love fishing for big mouth bass and I’ve my best luck ever using those Heddon Baby Torpedos (I have every color but the clear one seems to be working best lately). I’ve even got some pretty good size walleye (when trolling).

    Also, those bright silver and bright silver and red (red like it is wounded) rattle traps are great for big mouth bass in the spring time. It’s harder to use when it gets mid summer because the millfold (?) is too thick and you’ll lose your lure.

  14. the guy on the right (light skin, dark hair, blue eyes – yum) I would totally watch the show for him alone.

    as for paying for it, well never had too, but if I were I would expect quality goods and delivery of a top service, lol.

  15. Cool Walt. I like the Rapella frogs too. More like art than lures.
    Our smallmouth are not native, they were imported from Ontario circa 1900. There are no largemouth here. We also fly fish for Rainbows, Sea Run Cutthroat, and my favourite Steelhead in the world famous Cowichan River. Roderick Haig Brown, country. MInutes from my door is the boat launch to Salmon, Halibut and numerous Ling and rock cod. Friday afternoons the fella’s and I share a few cold ones from the back deck looking over to Washington state across the Juan De Fuca straits watching the crab boats, halibut fisherman and numerous military ships and aircraft. The Labatts Blue goes down easy.
    Some time I’ll tell ya about the tomata’s I grew.
    PS I’m a little nervous about all of the wreckage and radiation on it’s way here from Japan.

  16. I know that looks are Not everything, but Not one of the 5 men above look anywhere in the Neighborhood of being attractive at first sight. I’ve gone back again and again, and I am convinced that I have seen better looking guys under an umbrella stand selling hot dogs. As far as having the reputation for being a gigolo,Not all men can look like a close version of Richard Gere, but these guys don’t look like candidates that the most desperate of women would **make arrangements to spend an evening with. If this is what a woman is seeking to go out with, at least she knows what to expect at the end of the evening,and that it will Not be an affair of the heart, and just might Not be a Night to remember. Without cheapening her own reputation, maybe the ladies would be better off Not expecting too much from these guys, and that way she will Not be disappointed at the end of the deal!!

  17. As a woman I can get laid whenever I want, but I cannot guarantee that the guy that I find will be attractive, good in bed, std free and not a psycho who refuses to leave my apartment. If I wanted to have a boy toy at my full disposal whose job it was to make sure that my needs were met, I might consider paying for one or two of those guys.

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