It’s hard to imagine, but it’s not all that difficult to make NFL football hero Tom Brady cry. All you have to do is remind him of the beginning of his career in 1999 when he wasn’t one of the top choices in the NFL draft. In a recent interview reminiscing on that day, he actually choked back tears of self pity! And today he’s one of the biggest stars in NFL history, winning 3 Superbowls. (and don’t forget he’s married to Gisele Bundchen, the most famous model in the world, and has a new baby.) Instead of looking back and LAUGHING at his slow start, this grown man boo hoos! Go figure…


  1. um janet, did your rats and roaches forget to tell you he has his first son with an actress and had hair. What is up with that hair don’t? Gissele is turning him faggity everyday.

  2. One thing that SHOULD make him cry is that hair. Like, yuck?

  3. Tom grew up in the Bay Area, was a star quarterback in Palo Alto and worshiped the San Francisco 49ers. He was devastated when they passed him over in the draft but he got the last laugh.

    (that’s why I’m still in the netherlands)

  5. I don’t see why this item could be gossip worthy. Seriously… so he choked so?????? I admire athletes for their hard work and commitment. With this type of game your life is dedicated to football and you have little left to yourself. Between games, practice, camps, personal training, dealing with injuries, clubs, politics, own diet etc real pro players live and breath football. They don’t get weekends off like we do. Totally understandable he would be choked at the memory he almost missed draft.
    This is good clean kid Janet, leave him alone.

  6. remember, this is just info his PR handler released to the press. god knows why.

  7. He used to be handsome, now he looks like an idiot with that hair.

  8. It looks kinda like a Doris Day bob cut. Maybe he will curl it under a bit next time. lol

  9. Wonder if he is still called ‘Errand Boy, errand boy’, as he was so dubbed many many times by TMZ. Before getting hitched, he would get her laundry, take out the trash, pick up take-out, TMZ catching him doing this and many other things. I guess he was so honored to have a model girlfriend, who in my opinion, has a big face, big bones, big nose. Study her face closely; she is not a norm-looking model.

  10. As a young and hard working hopeful, it must have been devastating to think his career was over before it had even begun. I wouldn’t label getting a bit choked up recalling a painful episode in his life such as that ‘self-pity’. He wouldn’t be human or normal if the experience didn’t deepen his appreciation for having succeeded after all.

  11. No one here in New England cares about Tom’s hair as long as he keeps throwing that football for touchdowns.

  12. If the picture wasn’t labeled, I’d think he was a lesbian. Looking at the face, I don’t see a man.

  13. Tom Brady may have grown up in CA, but he played QB for the University of Michigan not for a college in CA. He broke up with Bridget Moynahan and then she was PG. I always kind of thought he broke up with her because she got PG and it made him mad. He comes across as an a-hole. Oh, and the New England Patriots are known cheaters, which I think really puts a shadow over that team and their stats.

  14. pg…….put an “i” in the middle and that’s why everything is so eff-ed up, the Bridget Moynahan episode being a perfect example of gals taking up with pigs and vice versa.

  15. Well, you know the old saying…..’Hair today, gone tomorrow’.

    And I bet his mommy ironed his underwear. lol

  16. Natalie–I never said he played college ball in California. High school, so get over yourself.

  17. If you ever read an interview with Bridget Moynahan, you would see that she found out she was pregnant after they broke up. Certainly their (her and Tom’s) son benefits from 2 loving parents and extended family.

  18. He’s pathetic and his wife is a evil narcissistic bitch.

    I bet Bridget will ultimately have the last laugh. Good on her.

  19. Sometimes peoples have major high lights in there life and good things come to those who wait but as time moves on…The Glory is no more and you can’t hold on to youth forever and sooner or later! Every Dog has there day and you have to step down.

  20. Its okay to cry about those special moments in your life..It is something that gives you pure bliss and joy and excitement and when you have that glory and fun and lose it down the road of course your going to cry about your lost and that you will never ever get to do that again.

  21. It is okay for a man to cry and let his emotions come up to the top and…As a man myself! I cry and don’t see anything wrong with it…We have emotions and feelings and felt something deeply at one time in are lives and it is only Human to do so.

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