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Red haired Rumer Willis, 22, is multitasking in New York. She’s smoking a cigarette, carrying one dog in her coat, and walking the other on a leash in Central Park. She’s currently performing in the off-Broadway production of “Love, Loss, & What I Wore.” The play, written by Nora and Delia Ephron, is a series of funny vignettes involving women and fashion, and Rumer will be appearing until April 24.


  1. That’s animal cruelty to have that ciggie right in that dog’s face. Rumer is nothing special, has an unfortunate face, if her parents weren’t in the business she’d be working at Walmart’s.

  2. Hope she is successful with the production.

    Regardless of the famous parents, there’s too many unkind things said about her appearance. Something that can’t be helped. Perhaps she isn’t as glamourous as some other starlets. Still, I’ve seen plenty that weren’t as pretty as her.

  3. I’m sure she got the acting job based on her incredible peerformance in ‘The Bunny House’.

  4. this is the evidence: EVEN AMERICANS WHO SUFFER THE ‘Down Syndrom’ CAN BE ON SCREEN.

  5. get real
    those things aren’t dogs…..
    more like Amuse Bouche X2…..
    marinated and tenderized first, of course….

  6. I don’t have anything to say about her looks, but bejeezuz quit force effing feeding us this crap. If not for her parents she wouldn’t be getting these jobs. Are you on the payroll? Do you have to cover everything this no-talent child of some has-beens does to include walking the stupid dog and taking a drag? Give us something we can use.

  7. What’s with young Hollywood and smoking? Don’t these people educate their children?

  8. Doesn’t look like she’s had that face transplant yet.

  9. The genes weren’t aligned so great for this little gal. She had 3 or 4 lines in “House Bunny” (with Anna Faris) and boy oh boy she nailed it. Next will be in a a starring role produced and directed by Bruce.

  10. Pit Bull Lover, dogs are dogs.
    And yours is the serial killer, land shark of the neighbourhood.

  11. I agree people are way too cruel about her looks, however, I do agree if she wasn’t the daughter of Bruce and Demi, she wouldn’t be given an opportunity in Hollywood.

  12. patrick not nice to speak ill of the DEAD dude…..when i had my Dalmatian SHE bit 2 or 3 people including a little kid….it wasn’t pretty….
    my pit bull was never aggressive towards anyone or anything….go blow. you know nothing of my boy or the breed when they are loved and cherished as they should be.

  13. Dogs biting small children is a direct reflection of the owners inability to socialize and raise them correctly.
    How unfortunate for your dogs, Pit Bull lover.

  14. My ass would make her a good Sunday face. Hey where did that animal in her shirt crawl out of. Please return asap to Richard Gere!

  15. Are you sure the play she is in isn’t called “Love, Loss, and WHAT A WHORE?”

  16. re Dogs biting small children is a direct reflection of the owners inability to socialize and raise them correctly.

    Shows what YOU know = jack shit. in case you need a reminder it’s NEVER a brilliant idea to walk up to a SLEEPING dog or walk behind a dog who can’t see you and grab it and get in its FACE. it’s got nothing to do with socialization or being properly raised.
    and since i am not reta that’s the end of my useless back and forth with useless YOU.
    adios dog expert….

  17. I’m sure your neighbours take precautions with their small children now knowing the crazy dog lady does not monitor her animals.
    Because the crazy dog lady will say it’s the child’s fault if they are bitten.
    Epic fail Pit Bull lover.

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