Every time we saw a photo of Shauna Sand and her three fresh-faced pretty daughters, we felt awful for them. Shauna was usually teetering in her lucite stripper heels, wearing skimpy shorts and a ton of make-up. Alexandra, Victoria, and Isabella looked like they were embarrassed to be seen with her. Their future was NOT bright. So we are happy to see that their father Lorenzo Lamas, after a prolonged court battle, has gotten full custody of the three girls and they are thrilled. Of course, Lorenzo MARRIED Shauna so he’s no genius, but he’s the lesser of two evils. Click HERE for another lovely photo of Shauna.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Sleeze trash….hopefully the kids will have a better life w/ dad!

  2. How terrible do you have to be if Lorenzo Lamas, the eternal playboy, is a better parent

  3. That’s what she gets for acting like a skank. She seems to be waiting to be discovered by some Hollywood agent and that is not going to happen. If she had stopped trading one loser for another and focus on her daughters maybe she would still have her kids. Maybe this will be a wake up call for all those starlets to be out there that family always come first.

  4. Gosh, what a sarcastic comment, “Another lovely photo…”
    The woman’s got a face that would stop a clock, for godssake!

  5. She is so past her sell date for anything in the entertainment business. Needs to get a real job and be a proper mother to her children. Time to put her big girl panties on.

  6. Well she has seen the ghetto crusiers score on the Real Housewives shows and knows she is just as sleazy so why not!

  7. Isn’t she said to have herpes?

    According to CDC over 50% of BLACK women have and spread herpes. Why has this plague been allowed to spread?

  8. Her parenting skills seem to be crap but she is a human with feelings and is hurting that the kids were given full time to Daddio Lorenzo. Not every woman that gives birth is cut out to me a mother.

  9. I’m not sure what the value of daily regurgitation of lame statistics are?

    The only plague that is spreading is the inability to love and respect oneself.

  10. Thank goodness none of them were harmed by her stupidty.. so much for motherhood.. shame on her.

  11. You folks don’t get it… She’s on the market looking for a guy. Go do a wiki on her. Do note she was a playmate and well – do they listen? She dresses like she’s still in her 20’s – lots of women still do this. It’s like when will they wake up and visit the gym. As imagine her wearing some Pearl Izumi cycling clothes instead and riding across the country on a bicycle touring bike vs some Harley. Which you’d probably see all her friends on the back of and having that really weathered look. When they smile, you can see all the bugs in their teeth – if they have any. Does she have a tattoo behind her right ear like so many biker chics? What do some of those tattoos mean ???

  12. Bill is a little delusional on this subject. Shauna couldn’t pedal a bike 20 feet!

  13. Oh Boy all the judgmental people! JEALOUS Can’t deal with the fact she’s gorgeous? Intimidate by her sexy HIGH HEELS? GET A LIFE

  14. No doubt she has a bit of an “air” coming from her as she walks but she has seen the ghetto crusiers score on the Real Housewives shows and knows she is just as sleazy so why not!

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