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This is how Shauna Sand dresses to drive her daughter Alexandra to meet her father Lorenzo Lamas for dinner at Katsuya. What a role model. Does this woman look in the mirror? To top it off, Lorenzo stood them up, so they turned around and went home.

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  1. She’s disgusting! She looks like a blow up sex doll. Fake tits hanging out all over the place in front of her kid! How impressive! Someone should take those kids away from her, she’s such a whore!!

  2. Kids rebel against their parents. These kids will become: Nuns, Rocket Scientists or Humanitarians ! Keep your fingers crossed !

  3. This kid doesn’t stand a chance with those creeps as parents. She’s a ho, but let’s not let him off the hook. He’s the one whose views of women are so disgusting, Shauna dressed up to please him.

  4. these plastic surgery faces and fake boobed women are all looking the same, thought she was Donatella Versace

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lorenzo was never planning on meeting these two at the restaurant and this was all a setup just to get their pics taken. who knows. you can’t really trust her after she seduced her stepson. but I’m sure there’s plenty of blame in that family. ugh.

  6. Does this woman have a functioning brain? Any mother who would dress this way in front of their children should have them taken away. If she’s not a flaming whore, she’s missed her chance, dressed like that.

  7. Seduced her stepson?! Hoe come I didn’t know about that! Tell me more!

  8. i dunno if you ever read DListed, but there’s a funny article on his site about the stepson situation…here’s a small excerpt:

    One of Lorenzo’s friends tells Star that Shauna’s scandalous affair with his son is the reason why their marriage ended in 2002. The friend added, “Shauna came on to A.J. It was the ultimate betrayal. Lorenzo had no idea; he was in the dark about the whole thing. He thought Shauna was acting like a mom to A.J. He had no clue that she was his son’s lover!”

  9. She may be a meth addict; sex with one’s own children, stepson qualifies, is a sure sign.

  10. I agree with Cassandra…I thought it was Donatella Versace, too. Now THAT’s sexy…NOT!

  11. everyone is talking about the nip slip but I think the chocha peeking out shouldnt be ignored. Lorenzo had one classy wife and he left her for this low class whore AND had kids with it.

  12. Look at me, look at me, look at me.
    I hope she has saved money for the therapy that her children will need. Poor kids don’t stand a chance. They need to feel safe and cared for, not as an accessory for a whorish-looking mother. Does she really think she looks hot? She would make an aging tranny envious, but that’s about it. Put some clothes on and learn to read, you dope. Take care of your kids. Shame on you.

  13. That kid will grow up to be just like her mother, especially in Hollywood influence and environment.

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