Photo: Black & White
When we heard that Kevin Costner had a new movie called “Black and White” we figured it was about soccer or some other ball game because he loves sports. Happily, this movie surprised us in many ways. Kevin does a great job of playing a grandfather to a mixed race little girl, Eloise, portrayed by the adorable discovery, Jillian Estell. The black side of her family tries to get custody of the motherless child and the result is a realistic and down to earth study of black and white relationships and observations. And there is plenty of humor to keep you happy. Click HERE to view the trailer.


  1. Sounds like the same script that has been done a hundred times over.

  2. Prediction: White grandpa Kevin wins custody, and eventually graciously allows the black side of the family to visit.

    Won’t be seeing it.

  3. Like a Black ‘Wizard of Oz”! How diverse!

    Like a Jlo film, they don’t make money (except for actors).

  4. Can’t say much for the cheap red dye job, with grey sideburns left out for “authenticity.” Wonder if it’s for the part, or if he did that himself.

  5. I predict:

    1) Costner’s character will come to “understand” the plight that black people go through in the evil, racist USA and,

    2) The black side of the family will get custody because the poor, hobbled mixed child will be perceived as black and only they (the black family) can prepare her for the racism she will experience with all white people she meets.

  6. The movie’s message:

    Racism in the US is exactly the same as it was during American slavery – nothing has changed at all (never mind that we have a black prez and many beloved black celebs) – it’s just trickier to spot because it’s hidden beneath the smiles and kindness that white people show towards black people. The bottom line: You can’t trust white people because they are inherently racist.

  7. Poor poor Rho…..the BLACKS only want an excuse.

    Listen to self made Herman Cain who tells BLACKS to stop complaining and go to work!

    Why were shoe stores in Ferguson looted but no WORK SHOES taken?

    Arrogant BLACK leadership wants to keep their people poor, stupid, rapping, and dependent.

    Nothing is as reviled in the BLACK community as a member who has made it via hard work and is able to stand on his/her own accomplishments.

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