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We are SO tired of hearing about how Ann Curry is being forced out of NBC’s Today Show because she and Matt Lauer “lack chemistry.” Actually Matt is concerned that ratings have gone down and rival Good Morning America actually beat them for a few days. Matt had to blame SOMEONE didn’t he? We suggest he take a close look at his lame producers who orchestrate absurdly unhealthy cooking segments on the show- loaded with fat and sugar and salt. These are followed by weight loss exercise segments and alarming obesity health warning segments. How do these anchors keep a straight face? While Matt Lauer has a questionable private life, Ann Curry comes across as decent, honest and very likeable. She’s unpretentious and gorgeous without having the hard edge of a beauty contestant. She’s the reason we put up with those inane cooking and cheezy fashion segments on the show. Ann has suffered brutal criticism for no reason and Matt should have addressed the issue like a gentleman and defended her. This whole episode is disgraceful. She’s a scapegoat and we predict Ann will go on to bigger and better things than Matt Lauer. TEAM CURRY all the way!

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  1. Curry is not the reason the ratings are down.
    It’s the selective editing, half truths and Media distortions.
    When America is in Freefall these Network Idiots are campaigning for Obama 24/7….and don’t get me started on MSNBC.

  2. All it takes is to hire one REAL Conservative as co-host if they want some of their crediblity back.
    But that will NEVER happen.
    They damaged themselves with the Zimmerman tape making him sound racist and just this week Romney was edited to sound stupid.

  3. NBC doesn’t think 300 Mexicans and two American Border Agents DEAD is news or a scandal.
    Or that our govt. armed the cartels and gangs with the weapons that killed them.
    Even Watergate had no deaths.

  4. Note to chris, you don’t have to edit Romney to make him sound stupid.

    As for Matt (I can’t keep it in my pants) Lauer, isn’t he trying to get one of his old flings (Natalie Morales) as his co-host?

  5. I dont watch the drivel but she is a bit boring, judging by her interviews on other shows. Word is she is going back to be a foreign correspondent,,,,that will work better.

    The Hoda/Savannah/Kathy group are just airheads…Ann does sem a bit more serious but that might be her downfall.

    Probably will end up with a token black, hispanic, or oriental like the famous Julie Chen who famously was screwing Les Moonves of CBS. Or one that fits the race and gender check box like lesbian Robin Roberts.

  6. Note to Denise,
    I’m no fan of Romney but I appreciate the truth without Bias or distortions.

  7. Lauer is the I don’t watch the show anymore. I am sick to death of hearing about his martial problems and his serial cheating. Evidentally, Lauer is just wanting to be surrounded with potential mistresses and people who be his personal cheerleader.

  8. I’m kind of shocked for running a gossip site, Janet either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to say the truth. He wants his side piece as his new cohost and the rumors that Hota Kotb is in the front running is laughable at best. He has already chosen his new girl, I just don’t know because I don’t watch any of it and her name was not familiar to me.

  9. Stupid is what stupid does. Someone needs to pull the plug on Matt.

  10. Here are reasons why I don’t like Ann Curry:

    1) She tries to make her voice sound so low, so sexy, so breathy, and it is so sickening.

    2) You probably have not noticed, but she has a funny way of…after ending a sentence she wrinkles up her chin and the chin becomes a full 1/2 inch longer. I have seen her do it numerous times. I don’t know how she does that, but it is irritating.

    3) I have always heard that Matt wants to promote the little Mexican tamale, Natalie Morales, who has been gossiped about for several years that she is having an affair with Matt. (If Hoda Kotb (bow wow) gets Ann’s job that should make Matt’s weewee limp as a dishrag).

  11. PS: I have read and heard several times that virtually no one on the Today show likes Ann. They say she would stab you in the back and she would do anything/anyone to get ahead. The stagehands and crew especially don’t like her……there is just something about her that’s unlikeable, regardless if she is good on her job or not.

  12. chris, it’s election time and all we will get is sound bites that don’t tell the whole truth. I agree with you 100% on that score.

    And I know this is a gossip site, but please indulge me friends: as a Massachusetts resident and a democrat who actually voted for Romney for Governor (the democratic challenger was untenable as far as I was concerned) I have no respect for him and will not support him.

    And perhaps he is not “stupid”, but he is not a forthcoming individual, is out of touch with the average American, flip flops more than a fish out of water, and if you care(and I do), is not kind to animals. He pushed the acting Governor (a woman who was the Lt. Governor) out of the way so he could run, but during his terms always kept one eye looking south to D.C.

  13. Denise,
    I respect your opinion but I have come to the realization that both sides are corrupt and taking us down a dangerous path.
    Our leaders are just puppet for the Global Elites.
    We are in worse shape than ever and sadly will have to choose the lesser evil cause we no longer have a democratic republic which is what the founders gave us.

  14. People actually watch this cra*p? Don’t they have jobs?

  15. And also….I have seen Ann Curry interview at least 3 famous chefs as he was cooking on the Today show. She never shut her yap, constantly interrupting the chef as he was trying to get one sentence out. She would hardly let him explain what he was doing. Plus she was very nervous and kept looking at the clock. I have seen the disgusted looks on the faces of the chefs.

  16. Matt is a serial cheater. Yuck. I like Curry a lot! )

  17. Chris what is going on in mexico has been going on for decades. Thousands of deaths a year in Mexico and many boarder patrol and CIA killed on our side for decades. The person to blame is Bush because it was Bush that sold those firearms first and foremost, but Bush had the right idea…this is all top secret and no one except for the CIA, Bush(41), Clinton and Bush and Obama administrations know the truth, but the drug war in Mexico is Mexico’s problem and all of our presidents both Democrats and the Republicans who have been waging the drug wars in Mexico are on the same page…Chris there is no here here! This is an election years investigation of top secret information.

  18. the worst morning show just continues to slide

  19. Bu,
    I agree but the media fails to tell us, these secret operations are an excuse to take away our second amendment, cause an unarmed citizenry is easier to control and easier to take the rest of their freedoms.

  20. Matt’s is obnoxiously corny looking with his thinning bald hair. He needs to go to CBS and work with the rest of the ugly and boring. His o face look’s boring, obnoxious and cumbersome.

  21. Ann is fine, but Today needs great. It needs its mojo back, and she’s not going to give it to them. She does weird things on camera because she’s overcompensating… she obviously knows she’s in the wrong place. It’d be great if Katie C. went back. Natalie Morales is probably competent, but doesn’t strike me as a journalist who will ask the hard questions.

  22. To call Ann C. a beauty show contestant is a bit of a stretch. Matt may have in his new contract the right to name the co host.

    All these people are vastly overpaid and none can relate to the American public. Offer all those jobs $100,000k a year instead of 1 million and then find a group of young people who would be happy to take them and do good…’s not rocket science. Even T/Tom/Tommy could do it…..well maybe not!!


  24. She is the very definition of obsequious, and I can’t wait to see her go. Ditto for Diane Sawyer! That said, the entire show sucks, especially Matt Lauer–an evil little gnome who seems to thing he’s got it going on. And then there’s that awful Willard Scott who’s always gasping for air between sentences like he’s on his last breath. These “news” shows are all utterly unwatchable.

  25. RE: The suck-off boring Today Show:

    The only time I watch it is the first 10-15 minutes to see if there have been storms, hurricanes, world wide unrests, civil wars, etc. After that brief flurry, I turn it off:

    Matt Lauer…..balding, big nose, full of himself, well known serial cheater. Why anyone would call him a hunk is beyond belief.

    Natalie Morales….always looks uncomfortable and wondering if her makeup and lipstick is perfect; thinks she is God’s gift to the weiner.

    Ann Curry….tries too hard, tries to be too friendly when she really just likes only herself.

    Fire them all and get some smart and ‘with-it’ youth that would gladly start at about $200,000 or less per year (as Strom said).

  26. Mr Smarmy Weasel wants his new girlfriend to get a better position and stay on the set near him.. until he can get her seated next to thinks..

  27. Indy, once again you took the words right out of my mouth! You are so right about everything you just said.

  28. Totally agree. She is smart, pretty and bi-cultural. The face of America in my opinion.

  29. “little mexican tamale”?? WTF? is this a gossip blog or an online klan rally?
    Need I even ask?!
    every freaking day is an online klan rally with YOU PEOPLE.

    It’s really not that serious.

    MISS ANN CURRY will be just fine, she is walking off with 10 million dollars after getting the boot.
    that is a hellova`lot more than any one of us will get if WE get canned!

  30. A2….Now join hands with the PC crowd and sing We Are The World and maybe the rbad ole reality will go away

  31. anonTWO:

    I learned about the $10 Million after the fact. Now we can ALL hate her even more and envy will prevail now. U R right; we should all be so lucky. There is no fairness in this world. The rich get richer.


    Thanks. Also, I don’t care for the 5 foot 2 George Staphylococcus and the lesbian Robin Roberts on ABC. Also on The Early Show, Oprah’s lover, Gayle King, and Charlie Rose makes this show a real snoozer. But that’s just me.

  32. Matt Lauer has never had the slightest appearance of being a gentleman; everything I have ever heard about him over the years he has always been a complete jerk (even from People magazine, who blows smoke up everyone, not that I am calling People a bastion of truth or anything)

  33. I’m no fan of Romney but I appreciate the truth without Bias or distortions.

    @chris, I recommend watching European news to get slightly less biased coverage of the USA then; around five major corporations own almost every American media outlet and now promote their own agendas in telling them what to put on the “news” (rather than actually reporting what is going on, reporting in objective terms and representing all sides, as happened more frequently before they abolished the anti-monopoly laws and became effectively an oligarchy. The same thing is going on there, but American news sometimes slips in that doesn’t make it to the US outlets — disclaimer: I happen to think that the media are slanted from the opposite direction that you do, but am completely with you in wanting to hear objective truth and all relevant facts)

  34. @Strom, “Offer all those jobs $100,000k a year instead of 1 million and then find a group of young people who would be happy to take them and do good


    @Christine India, “Fire them all and get some smart and ‘with-it’ youth that would gladly start at about $200,000 or less per year (as Strom said)

    I am completely with you! Offer a real salary to real people who are still passionate about the issues instead of the vapid talking heads they have been using.

  35. like Ann Curry, she is refined and lovely, however, I think she might be a tad boring and that is why they want her out. Not a big fan of Hoda , don’t think she has the charisma to carry the show.

  36. I too can’t stand George Staphylococcus (good name for him Indy, btw) or the Early Show either. I don’t like any of the morning shows on the big 3 networks. They all run the same stories which are biased and at the same times, usually. It’s like the same person is running all of them and telling them what and when to show their stories. Also, I’ve noticed GMA is constantly advertising themselves and Disney and their movies. There’s no news, just constant self promotion.

  37. Ann Curry is absolutely gorgeous; however, in the personality department Savanah Guthrie steals the show. Lucky Ann is getting $10 mil, plus foreign correspondent status. Not bad.
    After the first half hour, the Today show is really boring, they beat a dead horse for the next 90 minutes, then it’s the fake laughing with the lovely Hoda and the crass Kathy Lee for another hour.
    I’m so thankful for Jerry Springer and Wendy Williams for keeping the mornings entertaining. It’s the Coliseum on tv for the modern age.

  38. Ann is no where close to gorgeous….more like plain. She did good at picking a lawyer though and the networks show their stupidity by agreeing to pay but just pass the cost to more commercials.

  39. This is the same network caught doing deceptive editing…Hiring Howard Stern, Mucking up the Leno ann Curry situations and Hemorraging viewers.
    Kitty made a great point it’s like all three get their Taliking Points Memo from the Whitehouse daily.
    Credibility Problem.

  40. I must admit that I don’t watch the early morning shows so I can’t comment about Ann’s personality, but after seeing the video of Kathie Lee asking Martin Short about what makes his marriage so successful (the dim bulb didn’t realize his wife had died) I began to long for the days of Joan Lunden and Charlie Gibson.

  41. Ann seems like a good person and Matt does not. The only credible source for news in America now is online or on radio via Democracy now. The rest is all owned by major corporations and is media propaganda which is exactly why the content is nothing more than mindless garbage.

    And calling someone a mexican tamale is trashy sexist and racist plain and simple. But many of the posters on here are clueless.

  42. Chris…No one wants to take away your offense here, but you are listening to too much talk radio, cable news and fox news. The media needs ratings since the presidential race is so boring so they are creating an issue to keep people watching..again there is no here here! 🙂

  43. BU…
    What explanation do we have for 300 dead Mexicans and two Border agents killed by the same weapons this administration gave to the cartels and gangs throughout Mexico and S.America.
    Then all of a sudden refuse to be questioned.
    The Mexican Govt. and parents of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata deserve answers.

  44. Chris, we would have to put too many agents in jeopardy of being killed and innocent Mexicans being killed with exposing a top secret ongoing operation that President Bush put in place. Also many Mexican agent and people would be killed if we were to come clean on an ongoing operation that basically was to keep America safe or safer in the long run. Both President Bush and President Obama and their administrations cannot testify about an ongoing top secret operation. Many, many men and women die for our country everyday. The death of the one agent would be in President Bush’s hands not Obama’s and President Bush in doing this operation was trying to gain intelligence to protect our country in the long run. We cannot expect to open up and operation that is to our advantage in our countries protection no matter who is president.

  45. I for one DO believe that she has dragged the show down. There is never a time when she is not looking at us looking at her. She never focuses on the interviewee, but on how she is coming across. Plus, all the touchy-feely gestures are rather inappropriately rote and over the top.

    I like to get a sense of what’s up for the day and not have Ann get in the middle of it. Meredith Viera and Katie Couric each just got down to the subject being discussed. Sorry. Don’t mean to be mean to her. It is just not her strength and she is bringing the show down.

  46. Hope the show goes in the toilet all done watching the way they dumped Katy, Now Ann maybe they should get rid of Matt Lauer and Al Roker

  47. She should have taken the money and went away on vacation. Katy absolutely took the money and proved a poor talent on CBS.

    Ann is no where close to gorgeous….more like plain. She did good at picking a lawyer though and the networks show their stupidity by agreeing to pay but just pass the cost to more commercials.

    Offer no television personality more than $1 million a year and let them all leave to be replaced by people who would be grateful and bring some new perspectives.

    $17 million a year for J Lo, Miriah, Steve, or Paula? What a joke.

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