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It’s interesting how the movie version of Sex & the City is filming right out on the streets of New York and making absolutely no effort to keep the plot a secret. Many wedding photos have circulated and all the fans now know that Carrie will be marrying Mr Big. We can only assume that producers are confident that the hit cable show’s fans are SO die-hard that they don’t care about the plot – they just want to see those four girls again. They’re probably right.

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  1. It could be a flashback scene or a dream sequence on how carrie’s imagine what her weeding will be like. Who’s to say Carrie and Big are still married?

  2. It could be a flashback scene or a dream sequence on how carrie’s imagine what her weeding will be like. Who’s to say Carrie and Big are still married?

  3. I LOVED SATS when it was on. I watched it fanatically. But now, it’s like the momentum is lost. They’re making the movie too late, and many fans may not care anymore.

  4. There haven’t been any shots of Big in these photos so I doubt they get married. Maybe he dumps her and she marries her “best friends” or “New York”. Who knows with this show!

  5. Um, has everyone forgotten the last episode of Sex and the City?!?!?!?!? The wedding is no surprise!!!!! From the official HBO website:
    Big and Carrie then walk through the streets of Paris, both realizing that they are meant to be together. Carrie then returns to New York, ready to start the next phase of her life.
    What did everyone else think that meant??????

  6. P.S. Is that the most horrible wedding dress for her bony body??? I’ve seen shots that make her boobs look even worse. Maybe Big’s not in the pictures because he got scared. After all, he’s only seen her in her bra because of SJP’s no-nudity clause! 😀

  7. I’m sure she’s great person, but SJP is extremely homely, that horseface, big wart, bow legs and way too thin. It’s beyond me how she got to be considered beautiful.

  8. I couldn’t care less.
    When this show ended, it was over, and no one bothered to tell these hack-tresses to MOVE ON!!!!!!!!

  9. This photo isn’t bad compared to the others I’ve seen. SJP just looks ridiculous in the dress and
    her face is that of a much older person. HeeHaw!

  10. Not that anyone cares about these old hags, but did it ever occur to any of you morons that this could all BE A DREAM SEQUENCE?????????

  11. I can’t see the I do’s “John do you take Carrie to be your lawful wedded wife” ETC……
    I think it is a dream or nightmere…lol

  12. You should not post spoilers like that without a warning!! I’m so upset now 🙁

  13. the top of that dress looks like it is made for a size F cup. It looks ridiculous on her

  14. I liked the dress. The color feather in her head not so much. ALSO NOTE that we are seeing a still photo. Under movie lights and post production she will look great. Remeber the photo in un-touched and the lighting is bad

  15. Jesus, how the hell did I get involved with this show. This woman is so hideous that I am lost for words for adjectives. He husband has to be gay for them to be involved with each other.

  16. NY post has written the the wedding dress is for a dream sequence. I had a hunch and I posted it here

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