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While Heidi Klum was enjoying the park with her children and faithful bodyguard Martin Kristen this weekend, her estranged husband Seal appeared at the airport looking slightly sinister. He was clad in yellow leather fingerless gloves and yellow nail polish, platform boots, and a grey overcoat. This past Halloween was Seal’s first without Heidi in years.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. pssssst: this is looking after yourself.
    americans forget these things.


  2. Heidi must be a loco for being involved with the BLACK Seal for so long. Send him back to Nigeria.

  3. Seal must be loco for fathering with a white trash even the billionaire treated her like one.

  4. Yep….50% of BLACK women have herpes, as reported by the CDC. 99.9% didn’t catch it from white guys!

  5. Just like the cdc would report white men and divorce whiye women are greater carrier of aids and herpes but they wont let them know. So they can give to the blacks just like they did in slavery.

  6. I don’t know which is creepier- the yellow fingernails or those boots.

  7. I’ve even seen him with painted toenails! How absolutely gross in a man!

  8. Sure Janet, nothing says “sinister” like yellow nail polish. LOL.

  9. it’s exhausting maintaining this level of race hatred, mostly because it’s based entirely on self hatred and delusions of superiority.

    it’s particularly galling that even a self important dick like Seal – is evidently more desirable, intelligent, talented and richer than I will ever be.

    I’m Strom, call me really really jealous and no one loves me

  10. Ha, poor little imposter….BLACK Seal may be more intelligent and desirable than you and your PC gang, but that is not the case with most of us. Seal is obviously on the look out for another white woman, no darkly colored ones need apply, please service him!

  11. A guy that big doesn’t do whimsy. Seal’s got the Lagerfeld thing all wrong.

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