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Scientologists have gone into full damage control – leaking fake information from Tom Cruise’s “friends” to make themselves look better. One of these “leaks” went to TMZ and claimed that the divorce is NOT over Scientology and Katie is just using that as an excuse to “hurt”Tom. This source also claimed Katie was a devoted Scientologist. Keep in mind, Katie has not said a word about her divorce or Scientology. Journalists should expect a lot of false information to be distributed about the divorce from people CLAIMING to be friends of Tom. The info will make Scientology look pristine and accuse Katie of being money-hungry or worse. Remember, Scientologists believe LYING is the RIGHT thing to do when it involves defending their religion. Read between the lines.

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  1. As soon as I read that on TMZ earlier today I knew it was spin. Let the spinning games begin because there is a lot more coming.

  2. I don’t think Katie’s into their beliefs deep enough to worry about anything shameful rather she was shocked and repulsed by their practice.. she has a good family and reputation.. he’s spinning his wheels and Church of Scientology should call this separation of a members’ wife a complete loss not seek demeaning, revengeful pay pack, or bother to subjugate Suri to their foul, cult practices.

  3. There is nothing clean and pristine about the COS Cult… not now….not ever. They could baptize those crazy cult members in a river of bleach and each one would still come out smelling like a hot steaming pile of s_ it !!

  4. This divorce is going to blow the lid of ” Scientology”…You wait….Let the games begin……….

  5. I’m sure that weird cult is doing double duty trying put a positive spin on crazy Tom. Meanwhile, they’ll try to dig up something they can use against Katie. But I think Katie has something on Tom, so CO$ and Tom better be careful or she’ll spill something that will get Tom kicked out of the cult.

  6. Spinning…Are you sure these Scientologists aren’t also working in our Corrupt Media and Whitehouse?

  7. Katie may not be very smart, but I’m sure her Lawyer dad and colleagues have been advising her.

  8. “Inside Edition” today had a clip on Tom Cruise and David Miscavige (SCI leader). They embraced warmly as usual. By golly David is about 2 inches shorter than Tiny Tommy, which makes David about 5 ft. 5 inches. (lol) Maybe that’s another reason Tom likes him so much, I mean REALLY like him. David was married and about 5 years ago, his wife disappeared and it was covered up. More and more evidence just keeps coming proving how evil and demonic SCI is.

  9. Yes, what a wonderful religion who waste time trashing people’s images & seeking revenge. Where do you sign up? We need to stop calling it religion & rename it spirituality, which has no color or race. Perhaps it would have cost us less wars & innocent people’s lives. Like I’ve stated many times, any true religion is for the better of mankind, to love & respect each other.

  10. So Tom has “friends” but they don’t have any names. Uh huh.

  11. @Molls, Tom will NEVER get kicked out of that cult no matter what as long as he has money. Has anyone noticed that they always stay away from SP’s (Suppressive People) but yet he can make movies with non scibots and that is ok? You can be around whoever you want as long as you are bringing in the bucks.

  12. I don’t believe a word that comes out of that den of vipers. I just hope and pray that they will all be exposed for what they really are and be brought down and destroyed. I don’t know why so many people can’t seem to see him for what he really is! I refuse to ever watch one of his disgusting movies.

  13. L. Ron.’s M.O. was to go on the attack, never fall back on your heels. So that’s how this will play out. Not that anyone believes them.

  14. Scientology is the devil’s work, sure as you’re born. I have to say, I’m kind of surprised that Tom would be stupid enough to let himself be brainwashed by such a clearly demonic cult. He’s never struck me as especially stupid. Travolta, too. Does anyone know why Lisa Marie Presley left the “church”? I’m glad she finally got smart, don’t get me wrong, but Priscilla has been involved with it for years, and evidently sucked Lisa Marie in too. Bet ‘ol Miscavage will miss Lisa’s cash!

  15. Scientology is for sure evil and devastating to families. How this horrible cult has survived this long is beyond me. If anybody questions that Tom Thumb is possessed and brainwashed, just look at his scientology video on you tube-it is spooky to the max. He looks and acts manic and insane at the same time.

  16. Lying for your religion – so do the Muslims. It’s called taqqiyah.

  17. If she hasn’t already, Katie should get a DNA test on Suri, which will prove that vile little Tom is not her dad (she came to him already pregnant by Chris Klein). She should give copies to every single lawyer, every family member, etc., so that if he tries anything his career and reputation–which is all he’s ever cared about anyway–will be justifiably destroyed!

  18. If Tom makes one move to control Katie and Suri he will lose what is left of his fan base. If Tom takes Suri and puts her into the Scientology cult in any way shape or form…He will be done with any public he thought he had…He needs to back off Katie and let Katie raise Suri in a happy cult free environmental. If anything happens to Katie or people around Katie he will be toast!

  19. this “SECT” must be eliminated.
    (like katie holmes & daughter)

  20. @Nina, I just read somewhere that he turned to Scientology when he was having a hard time dealing with why his dad abandoned him and his family. When someone is feeling like that, they are ripe picking for a cult to step in and be a surrogate whatever they need and before anyone knows it, they are sucked in.

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