Sarah Jessica Parker celebrated turning 46 by taking her 21 month old twin girls for a walk. We love this photo because it appears to us that little Tabitha and Marion are starting to resemble their daddy, Matthew Broderick, more every day. Sarah is finishing up her movie “I Don’t know How She Does It” close to home in New York.


  1. In a very recent photo in National Enquirer, she is really skinny, about 15-20 pounds underweight. She’s probably still worried about Matthew cheating on her again while she’s taking care of the girls. Many sites claim he is gay (not the words of yours truly).

  2. she never looks happy, so I tend to believe the rumors are true

  3. When she did LA Story back in 1991, I thinking that she had growed up and was kinda cute. I was glad to see she was still working. She didn’t come from money and I remember reading about how hard she worked on Broadway (Annie) and tv and movie parts.

    She dated John Kennedy Jr. and Robert Downey Jr (excellent selections). Broderick had dated Jennifer Grey and I believe Helen Hunt briefly. When these two got together and married, I just wrote it off as she was straight and he was bi (due to all the rumors and whisperings). When he started working with Nathan Lane, the whispers became roars. Perhaps, he really did stray. Who knows.

    They do have a cute little boy and two adorable little daughters. (The toddlers look cold in the photo. Where are their caps?)

  4. can’t help it: “PAEDOPHILE” is his second name………

  5. Why can’t she get pants for her kids that are not short? Her son seemed to be plagued by that in all the pictures I saw, and now her daughters.

  6. The American——–Broderick is a pedophile??? I have never heard that before. What would make you think that?

  7. I think it is amazing what animal trainers can do these days. Not only have they taught Seabiscuit to walk on 2 legs but she can hold on to these little kids hands with her front hooves.

  8. Walt, ignore “the American”. His nonsensical comments indicate at least to me, that he is off his meds.

  9. I can’t believe the destructive asumptive “gay” comments here. What the hell do you KNOW? Nothing. You may have read on a gossip site (which isn’t “fact’ by the way) some stupid rumor and you’re off and running, attacking a MARRIED man who has dated WOMEN and been happily married to Sarah for years now. There are THREE kids here and you contribute to this wounding of their father and his career. The man is an ACTOR! When he was in a play with Nathan Lane they were both ACTING people! ACTING! Being in a production with an openly gay actor does NOT make you gay. It’s not contagious! Stop and THINK…how would YOU like someone saying that about you, knowing you are a married person with kids and a career where gossip can damage your future?? Contribuing to this denigrating of a man you don’t even know and have no actual facts about really makes me sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

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