Jada Pinkett Smith is a huge fan of crystals – she likes to wear them, touch them, and look at them. She’s apparently a frequent visitor at Crystalarium because she knows her way around the West Hollywood store. One of Jada’s first stops after returning from her daughter Willow’s European tour with Justin Bieber was the crystal store. A fellow shopper reported that Jada “spent a lot of money” – she picked out a gemstone pendant, several crystals and minerals, and books about crystal healing. Some people believe that gemstones have therapeutic qualities. Maybe she needed a quick cure for jet lag.

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  1. And in the back of the store….crystal meth….rrrrr rimshot.

  2. Gee, what a surprise. Jada believes in crystals…….and also the scientology cult that supports the belief of aliens and magic powers.

  3. I guess they have the money to waste, cause that’s what it is, wasting it

  4. is it a coïncidence the SCIENTOLOGY CHURCH is full of this shit?

  5. Warning: Do not leave your daughter (or son) alone with Jada!

  6. Surprised Scientology allows money to be spent on this! But she’s a celebrity and they get breaks.

  7. The first thing I notice is how rediculous their outfits look, espiecially the little girl. And letting her wear those stupid shoes with the thick, high bottoms on them is dangerous. Women hurt themselves regularly with shoes like that, just ask any emergency room or othopedic doctor. I call them “ankle snappers”.
    Will looks the most “normal” clothes-wise and he’s stuck in the back. Not that I like the huge red scarf. Don’t really GET that on guys, bu then, I’m sure it was Jada’s idea of “styling” her man. Whoever is responsible for these looks should be FIRED immediately!

  8. “Willow’s European tour.” Does that sound weird to anyone else? She’s 10 and in those pants looks likes is already becoming anorexic. Playtime’s over.

  9. Yep, what a nasty bitch the mom is. Far too many blacks get an attitude as soon as they have a bank balance. I feel bad that while the child may make some $$$ she is probably too uneducated to say or write a complete thought or paragraph.

    You can see in Whitney Houston’s daughter an attitude, lack of education, and a very poor future.

    Where are the BLACK leaders that are not worried that the entire race is being passed like a freight train by asians and hispanics…oh that’s right, his name is Obama!

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