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Metrosexual Ryan Seacrest isn’t exactly at a loss for company. On Friday he turned up at Ago with Benji Madden’s beauteous exfiancee Sophie Monk. They walked out of the restaurant separately but hopped into the same car. At 5’6″ Sophie (who has been compared to Bardot) is an unusually short model – perfect for the diminutive American Idol host.

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  1. It’s too bad for Sophie as Seacrest is a well known homosexual.

  2. Ryan (esp on A.I.) appears always to be trying too hard. He is nervous and most everyone can feel it. He is G.A.Y.

  3. Has she a penis? If so, they make the perfect couple.
    Ryan should have followed the example of his patron, the late, unlamented Merv Griffin:
    Marry one time — briefly — and if possible, have a kid. Divorce amicably. Once you’ve foisted your hetero-cred on a gullible public, you’re home free!
    You may then proceed to indulge yourself unfettered with the stable of boys you keep in Palm Springs; each of them young, well-lubricated and ready to play.
    One caveat: Like Ryan, Merv did tend to overcompensate. Long after he’d taken to wearing 10-yards of caftan full-time (and long after anyone else gave a flying s*hit about his sex life), he was still proclaiming his “straightness.”
    It takes a rare asshole indeed to use a longtime friend (Eva Gabor) as your beard, and then after her death, sully her name by insinuating that SHE was the reason they never married.
    Even that most DESPERATE of housewives — Terri Hatcher — was savvy enough to figure out the real deal with Ryan; She didn’t want to be the next Eva, and ran a mile from him in the opposite direction.
    This monk-woman should too, unless he’s paying her generously for her time.

  4. ^^^^LOL!!
    I just took a longer look at the photo and realized that Ms. Monk bears an uncanny resemblance to Eva Gabor.

  5. Body language: her arm is on his, he’s not touching her. Great post about Merv. I agree with everything said 100%.

  6. On the contrary, Ryan Seacrest is not gay.
    People just like to buzz about things they know nothing about.
    Your expertise about Merv Griffin shows that your information is way out of date.

  7. ^^^ . . .Having now heard from Ryan’s publicist, agent, or other lackey. . .

  8. Sorry, ANON @2:56 PM
    Those notorious pictures of Terri and Ryan will be hard to live down in this lifetime.
    Look up “beard” in the dictionary. You’ll likely see the photo of Ryan planting the most unlikely kiss in history on a bewildered and stone-faced Terri.
    Again, as with Merv, Ryan tries too hard. Were he a better actor he might be making a living in something other than “host.”
    Also, your post seems to disavow the Secrest-Griffin connection. That is absurd as the fact that Secrest was a Griffin protege is widely known.
    True, one could do far worse than to emulate Griffin, as he was an extraordinarily successful businessman; that, however, did not spare him from being any less ridiculous.
    Secrest is well on his way to matching him in that regard.

  9. Sophie isn’t a model, and she has never been compared to Bardot…Sophie was in an australian band CALLED Bardot in the 90’s, and is a singer and actress. She’s actually very talented, although she seems to have given up on trying and is content to sleep her way to the top. So sad…

  10. Sad how some try and make their fantasy person gay because they want to believe..
    Sorry go back to Richard Simmons.
    Now there is a real gay man if there ever was one!!!!

  11. I don’t know to which plastic-surgeon she went?
    But I’m positive the man was as squinting as HELL!!!

  12. Oh Let me guess “truth” @6:02 AM
    You’re fat. You’re 49. And you’re a big Clay Aiken fan, too!

  13. For Ryan, it’s whoever is coming down the pike, male or female….a true BI is he.

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