Russell Crowe took a break at Cafe Euro in Beverly Hills with two friends who, coincidentally or not, look a lot like him. Russell’s preparing for his movie “The Next Three Days” with Elizabeth Banks. It’s a thriller about a husband whose life changes dramatically when his wife is accused of murder.

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  1. He better watch out, he’s turning into a fat old guy just like Travolta did.

  2. What has happened with the story of Black Morgan Freeman banging his granddaughter?

  3. Is Cafe Euro on the corner? What was the old restaurant that was there? Sorry,,, thanks, locals. Love the Morgan Freeman question!

  4. Crowe has lost the weight he gained for a film role. Wait till you see him in Robin Hood, coming out this May. Besides, I love that he’s manly and not a willowy pretty boy. Too many of those in Hollywood.

    The two men are his PA and the trainer for his rugby team.

  5. But anyway, what’s wrong with him, weight up down – unfortunately more up since 2006, problems in the family?
    shame would have liked to return to the old russell sexy, but hope is yes, John Travolta has also recaptured.

  6. He looks fine to me. Always love that greyish stubble. Macca is right. Wait ’till we all see Robin Hood next May 2010. He’d be awesome! 😀

  7. he is always one of the best , in all times and in all his movie ,
    beautiful face and body and………
    i am waiting for ribin hood too .

  8. Russell has been watching his weight and keeping fit ever since he put it on for a role in a Michael Mann film The Insider. I wouldn’t make any negative comments, he might challenge you to a bike race.

  9. To all the negative leavers, go take a good look in the mirror!!! Love RC any which way especially behind his guitar and microphone.

  10. Maybe Reta is use to seeing ‘little’ men rather than ‘real’ men. All three of these guys are strong healthy and the perfect size.

    Russell gains or loses weight according to the character he’s playing. He’s always done that. As Robin Hood he’s back to his Gladiator fitness. Nothing better than that!

  11. he looks mighty fine to me, but what i like best is – it doesn’t matter what i think! he loves his two boys, adores his wife, acts circles around any of the ‘pretty boys’ in hollyweird, and he’s recently been busy writing and recording new music. can’t wait to hear it, and may and ‘robin hood’ can’t get here soon enough!

  12. Russell Crowe remains simply one of the most beautiful leading men in the WORLD!!!

  13. Wow. Ditto to the above … and so take that, Capt. USA.

    What a pleasure to see the fans speak up.

  14. I could moan that Russell dresses like a bum..just like my son. I could moan that he doesn’t wear his hair long and wavy…I could moan that his weight goes up and down BUT one thing I can never moan about is that the man is an ACTOR, a damn fine actor and not a movie star. cheers

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