Scott Baio passionately told supporters at the Beverly Hills rally for Donald Trump that he loves his country and thinks the president will win the election because he feels “the silent majority is fed up.” He went on to say that “if we DON’T re-elect Donald Trump, everything we hold dear as Americans will be gone: God, Christmas, freedom, the flag, the national anthem- gone before you can blink! On election day the choice is not between Trump and Biden- it’s between American freedom/capitalism and Marxism!” (If only it were that simple…)

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  1. Scott Baio says he is risking his career speaking out in favor of Trump. Perhaps, but let’s face it, its not much of a risk. If I gamble 5 dollars worth of quarters in Las Vegas, yes, it is a risk, but I haven’t lost much. Same could be said for Baio.

  2. Lipps missed the entire point. 100 years from now, no celebrity will be remembered, but our country will still be here. Hopefully with the freedoms afforded by our constitution. Not by Mein Kampf.

  3. Beachy, no facts, just word salad What the hell are you talking about?

  4. Not only is Baio risking his, um, career, he is risking his standing as an acceptable member of any community except white supremacists, imbeciles, and unthinking fundies. The orange moron is a monster and support for him reveals the bleakness of your character and a total lack of morality. Any supporter of the orange moron deserves to be shunned and will be.

  5. Okay JNUT, you tell us why it isn’t so simple? The choice of electing Dementia Joe means we usher in a man and a party that has embraced all facets of socialism if not communism, which is the main ideology behind BLACK LIVES MATTERS whose creators are trained marxists (THEIR OWN WORDS). JNUT isn’t all that well read when it comes to politics and what the Demoncrats now stand for. She obviously has turned a blind eye to complete radical socialism (ie communism) that now runs the Democrat party. The brain dead lefties, like JNUT, that populate Los Angeles, especially Hollyweird, need to be defeated.

  6. I can’t let this go. Frank Sheeran is projecting by calling others brain dead. Dementia Joe? Biden warned us about the devestating pandemic documented in a USA op ed Jan. of 2020 while the orange idiot was saying it was nothing to worry about. Uh, if that’s Biden’s demential that’s what we need now; not Trump’s lying bluster.

    Socialism? Who gave billions of dollars to farmers to prevent them from bankruptcy because of Trump’s economically devestaing trade war? The Dems bailed out the auto industry and saved our economy. AND the auto industry paid back the stimulus package loaned to them with interest!! We went from bleeding about 700,000 jobs per month to ADDING over 200,000 jobs per month under socialistic Obama.

    Frank clearly loves to listen Fox News. That can be the only explanation for his stupidity. Well, Frank, why don’t you “roll the dice” as suggested by Laura Ingraham by not wearing a mask and social distancing? Herman Cain did. And look what it did for him. HInt: He’s dead after attending Trump’s Super Spreader in Tulsa.

    Finallyu, Social Security is socialism, right Frank? Go ahead, tell those nearing the qualifying age that you don’t thinkj they should get it. I dare you. And that was a Democratic policy that Ronald Reagan said would ruin our country.

    So, Frank quit watching Fos, use your google machine or don’t vote ( for the good of the country). Shame on you.

  7. Right on Lippp. Scott hardly has a “career”, no risk here.
    The orange clown will not be re-elected. Scott might be a little slow.

  8. ‘“if we DON’T re-elect Donald Trump, everything we hold dear as Americans will be gone: God, Christmas, freedom, the flag, the national anthem- gone before you can blink!”

    Yeah sure Chachi. Republicans love to shout this stuff yet under 8 years of Barack Obama we still had God, Christmas, freedom, the flag, the national anthem and no one knocked on their door to take their guns.

  9. Patrick, Obamacare saves lives. Several people I know now have insurance they couldn’t get before because they couldn’t afford it, especially with pre-exisitng conditions. And the fool in the WH is asking the Supreme Court to strike it down. And the fool has no plan to replace it. He has had over three years to assure the American People he has their back, and he has nothing. He was asked by Hannity what he planned to accomplish in the nest four years, and he could only answer he has more experience now than he did when he took office. In other words, he only wants power and adulation from easily conned people like you. And you are ignorant enough to comply.

    And for you info., Obamacare is supported by most of the American People. So there is that too. LOL

  10. Easily fooled?
    As in ANTIFA are peaceful protesters and we need to defund the police?
    Joe Biden is cognitively not degenerating?
    “C’mon man, China’s not the problem!”
    That kind of easily fooled?
    I could go on.

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