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We can’t help remarking that Rumer Willis is really holding her own in this photo taken at the premier of “The House Bunny.” She has never looked better than she does standing next to the star of the movie Anna Faris. No wonder Rumer chose to reveal her new boyfriend, soap actor Micah Alberti, on this night.

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  1. gag me already. why people keep shoving this child of celebrity down our throats is beyond me.

  2. gag me already. why people keep shoving this child of celebrity down our throats is beyond me.

  3. Sorry. Put lipstick on a pig and guess what? It’s still a pig.
    This girl needs to go to college, get a respectable job and live on her own efforts.
    Heck – there is prettier girls at the mall – she needs to get off this “celebrity” thing, ’cause it’s short lived and in her case, pretty much her downfall.

  4. Regarding Rumer……Surely Jay Leno’s sperm had something to do with this chin.

  5. On first glance, I branded Anna as a slut, ho, etc. But, after watching the previews of House Bunny, she has a real flair for comedy, esp. when she does that demonic exorcist voice.

  6. This is one Rumer thatI hope is false. She’s just unattractive and has zero talent. The new Kimberley Stewart

  7. Rumour is all about having the right angles to make her presentable. Short, jagged hairs suits her well. If she had the same length hair as the lady next to her she would look hideous.
    That being said, I haven’t seen her acting work, so I’m not going to be too harsh until them. If she’s just an untalented, entitled, and connected Hollywood child then her movies will flop and she’ll eventually go away.

  8. .
    Child of celebrity. No experience. No skills. No talent. Will never get anywhere based on her own efforts. Doomed to fail. Very sad.
    She should go to university, learn something and forge her own way in the world.
    Her parents would be doing more for her quality of life by paying for an education than paying to have her in movies and in magazines.
    Very sad.

  9. I, and a lot of others are sick to death of siblings and children of “name” brands getting instant “foot-in-the-door” statis…Lohan, Spears, Willis/Moore, Hawn, Griffith, etc, etc…ANYBODY related to ANYBODY famous has an automatic IN, which isn’t FAIR to the thousands of wannabe stars who just MIGHT have some talent but NOT a magic relatives who can get them in the door…THEY have to do it the old-fashioned way…from the bottom UP, scraping their knuckles on the pavement along the way. I think the public is sick of it, and this is why the backlash now over these kids, siblings, etc…faking their way into the game…being shoved down our throats.

  10. I really feel for Rumer, she was deformed and genetically mutated due to the known excesses of her Gollyweird parents.

  11. Rumer Willis gets thrown down the publics throat all the time. Why?
    She is not attractive (I’m trying to be nice here)and she is a not very talented.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no, no she’s not, not even close, there’s no way to make this hideous creature presentable in today’s media, so stop trying.

  13. I heard she was hired to be the spokeswoman for Mr. Potato Head.
    We all know the only reason why dumb superficial kunts like Janet write about Potato Head is because of who her parents are. The dingle berry stuck to my ass hair has more talent than Rumor “The Tumor” Willis.

  14. Reports are she is into clubs, men, booze, drugs, and all the filth that goes with these things.
    So, indeed, it seems that….Rumer Willis let the pussy out of the bag…..

  15. Rumer will be one of those starlets who are famous for being famous, but doesn’t have any real acting talent. Paris Hilton, anyone?

  16. Rumer Willis is attractive in her way. She’s better looking than Frances McDormand and Bette Midler for goodness sake and look how well they’ve done for themselves in film. Nobody knocks their looks. How come? It’s because they’re talented that no one dare criticize them. We don’t know yet what Rumer’s talent is. She’s young and hasn’t gone for the gusto yet. Everyone thinks Rumer’s just trying to trade on her parents’ names. But shit, that’s why kids do. Children of doctors become doctors. Children of cops become cops. Children of politicians become politicians. Give the young woman a break. She’s going to prove herself, to herself, and to no one else.

  17. Rumer is not happy with her looks (as many of us are not), but there is not much she can do about it. This problem is not fixable.

  18. To 10:36
    Right on! That big-eared dumbo is just that. I guess he doesn’t care too much about “us” if he won’t even send his own half-brother some well-needed relief. His half-brother lives on $1.00 a month in Nigeria.
    Heck, Sean Hannity is gonna send him $1,000.
    Of course, the tax returns came out and Big Ears and his horse-face wife gave 1-4 % to charity over the last 5 years. Wow – that’s change you can believe in.
    McCain gave 21-27% over the same time.
    Hey Dumbo – charity starts at home. You’re toast. You can mark my words. Woo hoo!
    Nobama is a joke.

  19. Look you polital morons…THIS is a gossip site….you’re in the WRONG PLACE….GO AWAY!!
    As for Rumer Willis’ sad jawline…she inherited it from her dad Bruce…it IS Bruce Willis’s jaw…looks okay on a guy, but NOT on a young girl. And they CAN “fix” that, they have the money too, if they so choose, but maybe the girls happy with her birth right looks. Did any of you ever think of THAT?
    There IS a type of surgery where they can file/sand sown the jawline….it’s done all the time on transgendered people to make their faces appear more feminine. If people don’t get off her case, she may be driven to have surgery to please the public. SAD.
    I just don’t think all these relatives of famous folks should have an “instant IN” to be so-called actresses, actors, singers, etc. I’m sick of it…Baldwin’s anybody? There’s only ONE “good” Balwin, that Alec, the rest of them suck, can’t act, are drugged up, or just plain butt ugly (Steven).
    Same with Lohan’s…maybe the FIRST kid could act, before shee went nuts on drugs and booze…now no one cares…and her sibling freak sis wants to cash in her disney ticket to stardom…DUH….ya gotta have some TALENT kid!!! She looks like a chian smoking old crackwhore to me and pretty much everyone else according to the feedback out here in gossip-land. And her croaky voice is HORRIBLE…and that first video sucked elephant balls!!!

  20. It’s just galling that these Hollywood kids seem to have a sense of entitlement — and Rumer Willis is the worst of the lot. If a beady-eyed, lantern-jaw lump of a girl from Dayton Ohio tried to become a star she’d be laughed out of town. But when Ms. Potato Head snaps her meaty little finger, she expects to be Hollywood’s princess.

  21. And I never could stand Demi Moore. She was on Will and Grace about 4 years ago, playing the ex-baby-sitter. She looked hideous, thin lips, bony face, I mean yuck. That and Bruce’s looks gave the 3 off-spring little chance at beauty, esp. Rumer. Bruce always wanted a boy.

  22. I read that Rumer stop reading the insults about herself, that’s bad how else will she learn the truth. God knows I hate to say this is but, Rumer you have no talent, not funny, can’t dance or sing, even Jessica Simpson has you beat at least she’s hot. Wal-Mart can always use a young greeter!!!

  23. I notice that whenever I write something nice about someone, Janet, you don’t post it. Only when I tear someone apart. What happened to freedom of speech?

  24. You know that guy is only with her for the exposure, he looks gay

  25. potato head is the new beauty-
    why does she have to be beautifull..?
    she might be a beautifull soul in disguise.
    Her mother defying age like Madonna…
    i figuere is a Kabbala thing.

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