Photo Credit: Pacific Coast NewsRosanna Arquette’s budding romance with Paul McCartney. He seemed quite taken by Rosanna in the months before he finalized his divorce. He flew her to London and they were seen at various restaurants and events. She’s always been attracted to rockstars, but maybe she felt he was a bit too old for her. He seems to be keeping steady company with a woman in New York so maybe it’s over. Or maybe not.

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  1. Rosanna just appeared on her sister’s show ‘medium’, playing a killer. She still has the charm and the hotness, wow… As for the Mucca rumors pure rubbish.

  2. Rosanna Arquette is not a has been. She is an talented Actress, and a Director. She is a fascinating person. With a life full of story’s at still such a young age that she has lived, that most of us will never live to tell!

  3. She is the Has been of all has beens.Please she is on her sisters crappy t.v. show??
    what did she direct? oh ya some doc NOBODY saw.And her acting career? Oh ya,its dead.HAS BEEN!!!!!!!!!!
    Get your facts right before you post a stupid comment.

  4. So the song “Money can’t buy me Love” is now totally appropriate for the wrinkled Sir Paul? YES!

  5. I think Paul realized that what he saw on TV and the persona he built in his mind didn’t match what she was in real life. Maybe he saw a little too much of Heather in her.

  6. She positively rocked in “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “AfterHours”. She’s fabulous and y’all are jealous because you’re nobodies.

  7. All the Arquette clan are nutty, esp. the tranny brother. But, guess that makes them like the rest of the world (pressures of life and all); we are all nuts. Arquettes just a wee bit more than regular folks.

  8. She is not young either , maybe he seen her in the light and ugh!

  9. I heard that she was pressuring Paul to let her strap on a dildo and do him in the rear. He refused recalling the horror he had when John did it to him back in the 70’s.

  10. Yeah she looks old too, she made a couple of movies in the 80’s and her career has been dead ever since.

  11. I follow Rosanna Arquette’s career for the past two decades and recently she fgave a great performance in the FX series “Dirt.” I think that Rosanna still got it. She is maybe a little old, but she still is very gorgous. I’m still her biggest fan. And I’m still in love with her.

  12. Don’t forget her as Gary Gilmore’s lover in “The Executioner’s Song”. She’s talented, fun and not bad looking.

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