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Rihanna has a sense of humor about fashion – we love her black leather Guardian Angel handbag with the outline of a gun on the side. It’s made by Dutch designers Vlieger & Vandam</a> and it’s not as ridiculously expensive as most of the European handbags – it sells for around $350 and makes everyone smile. Except airport security.



  1. Just what we need another web site making it sound glamorous to carry around a gune. Hasn’t the world already seen too much violence from guns. Shame on you guys.

  2. I have little, if any, respect for Rihanna at this point. Part of her career goal seems to be perpetuating a racial stereotype.

  3. There is nothing – NOTHING – funny about that handbag. Makes everyone smile? Make that everyone minus one.

  4. Let alone the saran wrap nylon hair! Didn’t she also do a video where she was screwing around with guns and shooting up the place? Maybe she has a death wish after her boyfriend beat the shit out of her. Whatever it is, it’s stupid and a plea for attention, that’s all. I’d LOVE to see all these attention whore entertainers go cold turkey on the bullshit and just simply be SINGERS without all the bizarre crap. Yeah, THAT’LL happen!

  5. Reta, I think Rihanna is grappling with her identity and image. She made it big at a very early age, first being a puppet of producers, then ending up a black version of Madonna or Kylie (courted by all the fashion designers, stylists, magazine editors). My guess is that she, or someone in her camp did not like her being a 21st century Josephine Baker – an exotic amusement to fey Europeans and vanilla Americans- and so the Gansta Grrrrl makeover began.

  6. She sucks.
    Her 15 min. are almost up, her concerts have been cancelled due to poor tix sales.

    Guess she’s doing all she can to get press attention.

  7. Most reports are that she is back and involved in heavy-duty lesbo action again!

  8. Debutante, that is good news frankly. Can’t wait to see the back of Rihanna.

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