Joan Rivers disappointed drag queens and their fans at The Rage in West Hollywood last night. Every Tuesday the fiercest drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race put on a dazzling musical show and it’s a huge draw- standing room only. Everyone got very excited when it was announced that Joan and Melissa Rivers would be judging the talent and filming it for their reality show. The excited drag queens were dressed up in their finest when the film crew arrived and started bossing everyone around. Joan was in no mood to sit through all those musical performances so she just picked five “girls” to walk the runway and she decided the winner on LOOKS alone. The crowd was upset – NO MUSIC- no fun- and the queens were disgruntled. A source told us Joan and Melissa weren’t very sociable – they barely spoke to anyone, much less each other, and the festivities didn’t start until they left at midnight.


  1. i was about to type that seriously?. how much money does this chick need at her age to stoop to judging contests? really. it’s clear she didn’t want to be there, so why bother in the first place. melissa could use the money, but is joan strapped? good golly…

  2. Maybe they’d been filming the show since early morning and were completely exhausted. The way it works these days is a crew films for 4-6 weeks, MANY hours a day, then, all of that footage is put together for the entire season. Again, fast and cheap, very rarely good. No writers.

  3. These faggots (the drag queens) shouldnt be congratulated…they are the biggest cause and spreaders of AIDS!

  4. Joan and Melissa are always in the mood for drag queens — they look in the mirror, don’t they?

  5. I see you all beat me to it, those two are worse looking women than any of the drag queens they were judging.

  6. Only the one on the bottom row far left is from RuPaul’s Drag Race. And no, Joan has quite a bit of money now, from many things. I think maybe she was directed to do things that way, and they put the thing together for the show as a package. You’d have to watch the actual show to see what really happened. If you’re going to attack these people, at least watch the show before you judge them and see who they REALLY are. Drag queens may or may not be gay, and no, they are NOT the cause of AIDS, anybody can get it, it isn’t just a gay thing. If you think that, you are beyond brain dead!

  7. Now tell me, which of those two photos were the Drag Queens?

  8. Lenny, Strom must have seizures at the thought of black drag queens.

    Think about it Strom, think about it real hard…..

  9. I dont hate anyone but its wel known that the gays have the highest rate of aids and the drag queens are the highest infected rate due to unprotected anal sex…that may not be what is PC to say but it is the facts.

    Send them all off to Gay Island and let them go at it until dead!

  10. Strom, you may be statistically correct. But to carry that further:

    Lesbians are the least likely to contract AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

    Men – whether gay or straight – tend to be the ones spreading STDs, including AIDS.

    So, should all sexually active men be put on an island to have at it and die????

  11. Fag Island

    Lesbo Island

    then clean up needles and AIDS almost goes away

  12. Strom, why lesbo Island, when lesbians are least likely to have AIDS???

    You and Captain America should 69 some time.

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