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Rex Lee, who plays agent Ari Gold’s openly gay assistant on Entourage, had lunch with his boyfriend in West Hollywood, but he doesn’t look happy. The illogical passing of Proposition 8 (banning gay marriage) has many West Hollywood residents up in arms – and you can bet the demonstrations have already begun….

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  1. Janet, Lainey had posted this exact same photo on her site earlier today.

  2. illogical? No it’s absolutely logical to keep marriage between man and woman. Prop 8 doesn’t make being gay illegal. It doesn’t impede the love that two men or or two women have for each other. All it does is save gays from the horrors of Divorce. They should be thanking us that voted for it.

  3. This country is going to Hell. First Obama, then possible gay marriage. Is anything sacred??? Are the 95% of black voters that voted for Obama not racist against whites???? What kind of outrage would have played out if 95% of whites voted for McCain? Give me a break! Everyone wants to whine and complain vs getting off their a$$es to actually make this Country what it can be. All the minorities that elected this man can head back to their minimum wage jobs and wait for further govt assistance thanks to our president elect.

  4. #########SEXY REXY, folks!!###########

  5. Quit calling it marriage. Don’t mix boyscouts with girlscouts. Preserve SOME tradition. Give equal rights but call it by another name.

  6. Quit calling it marriage. Don’t mix boyscouts with girlscouts. Preserve SOME tradition. Give equal rights but call it by another name.

  7. It seems the $cientologists put lots of money into this.
    Hubbard didn’t like the gay.
    Thought they should be permanently “isolated”

  8. They are obviously not helping their cause by ramming it down our throats on tv, movies ….

  9. I don’t know which is the Lee faggot and the Gold faggot, as I don’t watch the faggot Entourage show.

  10. Ari Gold, you are the racist here. People wanted a change and they voted for the man they thought could give it to them. You are one angry man so maybe you might want to move to Canada so you can be happy again. Cheers!

  11. Contrary to popular belief, all the ultra-liberals out here in CA really don’t run everything. They just can’t face it that the people have spoken, and voted to ban it. The more they push their issues in our face constantly the less likely people are going to change their minds. I live in San Francisco, and the majority of those who voted yes were black women. Now make something of that.

  12. Obviously the boyfriend is only interested in Rex for his looks.

  13. Susan,
    You need to look up the definition of RACISM because you obviously do not know what you type of. But i expect emotional people to be not only irrational but confused.
    Gay marriage has nothing to do with racism.
    And talking about race. The fact that blacks came out to vote for Obama doomed the NO on 8 effort because the VAST majority of blacks despise homosexuality. And thus voted for prop 8 per exit polling.
    So if you want to blame anyone for this prop failing, blame the blacks because they’d like homosexuality to stay firmly deep in the closet.

  14. I have many gay friends and I believe they should be able to have all the rights that married heterosexuals have, but they just cant have the word marriage, marriage is clearly defined as between a man and a woman. I am hispanic, I just cant call myself causcasian because caucasian means something else. they have to find a new word once they do that they might get this thing approved. they should call it garriage or something, but it cant be marriage. sorry kiddies.

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