We have solved the mystery around Ellen DeGeneres’s unexpected new job as a judge on American Idol! The announcement that Ellen was replacing Paula Abdul came completely out of the blue – she had never been previously mentioned. And here’s why: Fox has had their eye on Ellen for awhile because they want her to host a late-night talk show. Fox executives lured Ellen with a lucrative package – she’ll appear on American Idol now and in five years she will debut her night time talk show on Fox. She couldn’t resist THAT combo

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  1. I doubt Idol will last 5 more years with Ellen and Kara on the judging panel. Idol already jumped the shark but now they shot it on the way down.

  2. I’m all for that idea, Ellen is brilliant and quick witted and tender hearted. She’s NOT a blithering idiot like Paula was/is. I can’t WAIT for her nighttime show, Conan acts like a five year old, Letterman is good much of the time, but as far as fresh blood in the field goes, she’s be the perfect ticket!

  3. I don’t dislike Ellen, but I’m not a fan either. I have no time for daytime tv & so have only seen her show a few times, but frankly, I wasn’t thrilled with it. She talks too much about herself & interjects herself into everything. I hope she won’t do that on Idol, although I’m pretty sick of Idol & probably won’t watch it much. Paula is a dork, but she’s an entertaining & lovable dork, and I found I liked her assessments on the singers better than the others. Ellen will be great on late night, but I would’ve preferred they kept Paula on Idol.

  4. Now with ellen getting even more fame and fortune, there will be many lesbians doing everything possible to lure her away from Portia DiBigNose. What do lesbians do anyway? It must be disgusting.

  5. Would be great to see Ellen on late night..
    I am so tird of the white boys…

  6. Slick ol’ Ellen is suppose to be the feminist symbol of liberated woman.. Paula was denied equal pay with the show after working with them for many years.. Therefore Ellen is a backstabbing fink for putting equal rights and fair pay for females behind her to soothe the minds of anyone protesting to Fox over this unfair wage practice and ousting of Paula (because Paula revealed facts, told the truth of her dissatifaction) and hopefully entertain them into forgetting. What a junky-traitor jerk!

  7. Ellen’s talk show is boring as dust unless she has an interesting guest. Plus, a kid could do those stupid easy “dance” moves that she does. Question: How can she be a judge of good/bad voices? This is just a ploy to get the GLBT community to watch.

  8. I think Paula Abdul was the heart and soul of the American Idol. With new Cara and now Ellen it becomes a different show. I Love Ellen and Like Cara But they will not, and cannot replace Abdul, whom made the show human!

  9. Ellen has said herself that she would not be mean like grouchy old Simon. She also said she would be tender-hearted to all contestants so as not to hurt their feelings. How in the h*ll can this be the qualities of a good JUDGE? Sure, Paula was somewhat soft-hearted, but she did have truthful things to say about the really bad singers.

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