Oh boy- “Real Housewife” Brandi Glanville is even more of a loose cannon than we realized. After she had that not-quite-legal New Year’s Eve “marriage” to her best friend Darin Harvey, she posted this on her Facebook page. The plot thickens:

“There is a sad person who has a serious cocaine problem that use to be married to my BFF Darin Harvey. Her name is Michelle she is a hopeless individual that has tried to black mail me.She sold Star magazine untrue stories about me for 15gs to support her drug habit. She is attempting to ruin my life and my real friendships.She is writing hateful mean messages to my real friends that are untrue.I am not married to Darin legally he is my friend, I love him and his son Tanner and I always will!”


  1. He who smelt it dealt it maybe she’s the tweeker herself whoever the hell this broad is dunno won’t watch that crap. Otherwise lady get a lawyer.

  2. Janet, is Brandi Glanville actually as dumb and nutty as she comes across on tv? There seems to be nothing to her but schoolyard attempts to insult everyone and call them drug addicts.

    She needs to go back to school to learn basic grammar and spelling. It would be nice if she could express a coherent thought… but then, to do that she would have to have one…

  3. Brandi you totally rock! You are not afraid of nothing. Hopefully you & your best friend will really be married one day.

  4. Sasha, I’m with you. I love Brandi. Eddie and LeAnn have kicked her in the gut and fugly LeAnn will never be as beautiful as Brandi. Brandi will get her act together…she’s really lost after this divorce. After seeing her on RHofBH, she’s so different than LeAnn…honest, not self-absorbed and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful with a body that doesn’t stop (and she’s had 2 kids). I hope she cools it on the recreational drugs, but otherwise…love her! She’s the new star of RHofBH.

  5. This crazy beyotch is a real piece of work. She goes around doing stupid stuff, never once considering what a horribly awful example she’s setting for her two young boys. They’re not infants anymore; they know when Mom is not home with them, and she’s probably never once considered what they think. If she had, she’d act like she has some dignity and common sense.

  6. I bet Brandi’s “real” friends are a little nervous right now. God forbid if her “real” friends ever piss her off! Don’t tell this girl nothing “real” friends, Bitch will take you down!

  7. Why don’t you folks go to the mental wards and watch it in real life..?

  8. Brandi “This is no joke. I’m married. Suuuuuck it.” Glanville. And we’re expected to believe what she says about Darin’s ex why? Any z-list “celebrity” that would joke (joking itself would have been ok) & then INSIST that it’s real until the media picks up on it is LOONEY TUNES! Oh yeah, and then say “It’s real but we’ll get it annulled.” Then “It’s not legal. We didn’t sign anything.” Then have her crew taunt everyone who fell for it? What may have started as a joke turned into a set up to bully anyone who may have not found the stupid joke funny. What a knee slapper, eh?

    And yes, how many “druggie” ex friends can one person have?

  9. dandilion…I swear what U said is darn funny. 🙂

    I never watched it and never will and if it’s on cable (which I don’t have) I sho nuff won’t watch it. LOL

  10. Careful, Christine.
    Dandilion sounds like someone who needs fidgets.

  11. I love Eddie and LeAnn…Eddie must be so glad he is not married to her anymore!

  12. Never watched the show…but if you want to go just by looks, Brandi is by far than the skeletal squinty-eyed LeAnn. The Globe magazine reported that Brandi warned LeAnn that Eddie would cheat on her, just as he cheated on Brandi.

  13. I agree little Indy. I saw a caption on another site about Brandi’s “bangin body”. Brandi’s boney body isn’t particularly sexy & not healthy looking (although she maybe ??)

    On the upside, Brandi does seem to fit in on the rich, debt riddled, starving Beverly Hills Housewives. She certainly holds her own.

  14. “Suck it?” What a classy, classy woman. No wonder Eddie cheated on her LeAnn Rimes is no saint, but she’s never acted that low class.

  15. Nina–actually,she (LeAnn)acted low-class when she decided to sleep with a married man/father of two young sons.

  16. Leanne acts low class every time she runs around with her ass and tits hanging out!

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