Ex-convict Cameron Douglas, 38, reminds us of Riz Ahmed’s character in The Night Of. When he went into prison around 8 years ago, he was kind of pasty looking with glasses. When he was paroled he was a whole new person- all muscle and covered with tattoos. Has he changed INSIDE as much as he did outside? He’s quite a ladies man – while incarcerated his then-girlfriend smuggled drugs to him and his female lawyer did also. That got him more time. In June he tested positive for marijuana. He’s been out for a year and already hooked up with a yoga instructor who is pregnant with his child.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. You gotta wonder about supplying inmates with weight rooms. It just builds stronger criminals.

  2. Yes, but it is also potentially a really positive lesson about discipline and not expecting instant rewards in life.

  3. Coco,

    There are other ways to do that besides building muscular criminals.

  4. Interesting how his life seems to have paralleled that of his uncle’s–Michael’s ne’er do well younger brother–who died of a drug overdose some years ago.

  5. screws the weights it’s HIS LAWYER smuggling drugs in for him that really pisses me off.

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