Priscilla Presley’s 21 year old son Navarone left the family fortune behind to become a hippie and a pot dealer! Navarone Garibaldi is Lisa Marie’s half brother and he wants nothing to do with the Presley dynasty – or maybe he’s just escaping Scientology. An acquaintance of Navarone’s told The Enquirer that he lives in a run down, dirty rental house in central California where he grows marijuana under lights in the basement. Dreadlocked Nav has marijuana stashed all over the house and when he’s not smoking that, he’s smoking heroin, according to the source. “He owes money to some bad people and sleeps with a gun by his side.” We bet Priscilla already has a Scientology intervention in the works.

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  1. Priscilla, you shoulda somehow stuck with E. Your life has been mostly downhill since the split. Maybe you could have saved him from drugs, and he could have saved you from Scientology. Poor Navarone; I have been wondering what happened to him. He should turn to the LORD for help and run from SCI. and run as fast as he can.

  2. Does everybody in Hollywood use “ugly” drugs? Seriously??

  3. Elvis was too smart for Scientology. He saw it for what it is- a money-grubbing mind control cult. Scientology couldn’t cure Priscilla of her addiction to bad plastic surgery, nor could it turn Tiny Tom Cruise straight, so I doubt it can help this boy with his drug problem. Besides, when you look at the rest of his family, who could blame him for running away and smoking up to forget them?

  4. Pricilla is a freak, lost the minute respect I had for her after she behaved so badly on Regis and Kelli. Her son probably just wants to stay away from her and her queen of the world attitude. She is a fake.

  5. Pricilla is a freak, lost the minute respect I had for her after she behaved so badly on Regis and Kelli. Her son probably just wants to stay away from her and her queen of the world attitude. She is a fake.

  6. Oh the illegitimate son knows they are kooks, liars and hypocrites and does his drugs openly to keep them embarassed and shamed.. whereas sis and mom [who lives to be called Presley] as she has done nothing significant by her own talents herself, ..kinda just obtain their buzz drugs legit from the doc’s. What a great, proud scientology mom Priss proved to be raising the kids to be so kind, loyal, well adjusted, temperate and spiritually wise.

  7. Navarone should write a book about Pris, his half sister Lisa, and what he knows of Scientology. Just tell all that he knows about Lisa’s marriages, his father (cant think of name) who lived with Pris for about 12 years. It would be a better seller than the book on Madonna. Then he should shave all that hair off, put on some muscle and he could make it big in Gollyweird. First though, please get out of the drug biz.

  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Add-on to my comment above: Navarone’s dad is Marco Garibaldi, which whom she lived 20 plus years. They have now gone their separate ways. I think Priscilla is losing it: she dies her hair red, and then streaks it with big blond streaks. Her plastic surgery is a huge joke. Pris, to start with, please get out of Scientology.

  9. All religions are cults, not just scientology. Look at history!! Keep you in fear and then give them your money so you’ll be safe. Right.
    No wonder the kids high all the time, look at his mom…freak!

  10. She named her son after the famous movie ‘The Guns of Navarone’.

  11. Rusty, I understand your point about religion. I’m catholic and I don’t shell six figures every year to be catholic. Scientology demands about $100,000 a year so that you will continue to be “clear” and cured of mental and physical ailments and so forth. Do the research. It’s a sham. Religion and spirituality are free and when you have to pay then that should tell you something.

  12. Read this story this Kook lives in some dirty house with a bunch or reefa and has Pythons yuck he looks filty. being a hippie does not mean you cant wash your @ss. PP was rude on Regis and Kelly and her face is done. I agree Scientology can’t help a soul but to empty their pockets.

  13. I agree with 8:35 PM. However, I am a Southern Baptist in a mega-mega church. Even tho this church does not ‘officially’ say you have to pay such and such to be a member, it is now gotten to the point of the pastor asking for money every time he gets thru preaching. So, I have decided to just give my money directly to the obvious poor, needy, and hurting, and forego the middle man (church). They skim most off the top anyway for very large salaries. Many have just left and started house churches. The main thing tho is still: Kabbalah and Scientology REQUIRE payments as the idiots enter into further testing, clearing, counseling, whatever. These basically are the obvious CULTS, and not established churches, even tho as stated above, $$ now seems to be their main priority at times.

  14. Thank God, the pot is alot safer than Scientology. At least it doesn’t brainwash you!

  15. 10:19 AM: I have been wondering the same thing…what did she f’ing do?

  16. Once and for all, for the last time, ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS CELEBRITIES OR NOT…are brain-washed. Get out now, or spend eternity in hell. This is serious stuff. SCI completely and totally leaves out Christ Jesus, the only forgiver and saver of our souls. And they call themselves the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. It is a false demonic cult. Wait and see, unless they get out now, they are doomed.

  17. There is hope. Priscilla has made some decisions in life that may not make sense to us. That is her Son. She is doing what any Mother under these circumstances would do. I just hope he gets the help he needs soon before he dies. This is very serious. Having the Father of her Daughter die of an overdose must be a constant reminder to her of what could happen to him. When one is in addiction you can’t stop it. She is powerless in this case and I think she, Lisa Marie, and Marco deserve some compassion and understanding.

  18. This is too sad…this poor woman can’t catch a break! After her failed marriage to Elvis and her rocky relationship with her daughter Lisa Marie, don’t you think she’s entitled to some peace?!?!

  19. Too bad the only help she’ll get him is to throw him in NarCONon, a scam drug rehab program run by $cientology. They will over dose him on vitamins and shove him in a sauna 5 hours a day. That’s the only kind of help him mom will get for him.:(

  20. I personally know Navarone, and he is fully aware of what total BS Scientology is. And whatever phony “source” claims that he “smokes heroin” is an idiot. This is totally false…Navarone is not a heroin user.

  21. I always wondered what happened to Pricilla’s is a shame that she has kept him out of sight…is she a shamed of him? It seems to me that she should be getting him some help, instead of turning her back on him…my gosh, he is her son…or is Lisa Marie more important? She is all she talks about..That just isn’t right!!! I would disown her completely, and turn to my father’s family….he can get help, get away from those crazy Scientologists whackos, and live a normal life, like normal people do…he can do it..just turn his back on all of those whackos, that is the first step..anyone that believes an alien is going to save the human race, needs to go to that planet RIGHT NOW…please, we don’t need anymore of those NUTS here on Earth…

  22. Hey guys leave them alone….if you want to look like you do it’s your business so same for them…Jealousie is not good for your mind & heart!

  23. I don’t see why he lives in a trashy old rental and owes ppl money. His family is loaded and so is his dad so i think he should be spending it too.

  24. I agree compleetely with you. I kinda know where she stands with this issue its hard to watch someone you love throw their life away. I think she did ok with heer film career and has tried to make her own, but the shadow that she stands in is too big for her or anyone to get out of.

  25. Scientology and others like it – they are socking it to you in the name of the Lord – end of that conversation!

    Priscilla Presley – not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. I’ve heard and seen her over the years, she isn’t altogether very
    intelligent. She used to be very pretty, now she looks like a freakish mannequin.

    Navarone – well, he will find his calling somewhere. Thank G-D he sees scientology for
    the nonsense that it is though.

  26. So crazy navarones house isn’t dirty and he doesn’t own a gun. This statement is false and messed up, i don’t know if I would be more upset about people talking about my mom or me. Do your thing nav


  28. May I point out to all of those people who left derogative comments that although Navarone is not Elvis’ son, he will forever be associated with him through his mother. I also think if ones’ religeon is not doing anyone any harm then it is entirely up to them who they worship. Being a practicing Christian I would give as much money as I could to our church as it all goes to good causes, like paying for the upkeep of the church, paying the bills, all the extra caricular activities for the children and our ministers very meagre wage. I say if it hurts no one then it can’t be bad.

  29. I have never understood Priscilla’s parents letting her move in with Elvis at age 15/16 . I have 2 daughters and I would have never let them go with anyone for no amount of money . She said one time in an interview that Lisa was a wild child . Maybe that she should have never had children that she could not make behave . It is so sad that Priss left Elvis for Mike Stone and moved to Hawaii with him for 3 months. After she came back she wanted Elvis to take her back . But he would not have her . He ( Elvis ) filed for the divorce from her . I have always thought Priss was so superficial . If you read about her and all that she has done …No wonder her son has turned out the way he has .

  30. I was always puzzled that Priscilla’s parents sold her off to Elvis also and I was a young teenager at the time. You basically hear about the lowest of drug addict doing doing something like this, not military officers. I hope the son finds himself and gets to a good place in life. He’s an adult and it’s time to let go of his past.

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