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We DO love the 80’s. Up top is a photo of Apollonia Kotero, who was Prince’s leading lady in Purple Rain and rumored girlfriend. The bottom photo shows Apollonia as she looks today – she showed up at Smashbox studios for fashion week. We wonder what made her select this outfit to wear to a fashion show.

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  1. Looks like she had her tits done. Wonder if that little gnome Prince tried them out?

  2. Oy Vey !!???
    Some people are vampires-Apparently they never look at their own reflection !

  3. Is that really a live person? Sorta looks like one of those life size wax figures.

  4. I feel bad for people who do that to themselves. She craves attention and wants to feel sexy.

  5. Every time I see the wee Prince in that tight little purple jump-suit I get so tickled. Then picture the tiny piss-ant slobbering on those immovable objects is just too much….gotta stop now, my insides are hurting from LOL’ing.

  6. I wonder how many STDs she has picked up over the years?

  7. Why can’t some women get a clue and know when to hang it up? This picture is pathetic. She’s not hideous but definitely shouldn’t be wearing that ridiculous dress with all her old stuff hanging out. It’s just gross and makes her look desperate and not very intelligent.

  8. Tacky dress! I think it’s one of Beyonce’s mothers creations.

  9. Well, I guess she gave up her Christianity to get back to the limelight. That didn’t last long.

  10. 5:39, you are killing me ! I actually thought the same thing.
    Tacky, costumey & looks like some rag the Project Runway contestants would have “created .”

  11. The only thing missing from this ensemble is a pineapple on her head.

  12. She could blend in with the wild and woolly Kardashian clan; who would notice her?

  13. I do believe the top picture is Denise Matthews/Vanity.

  14. >I do believe the top picture is Denise Matthews/Vanity.

  15. >I do believe the top picture is Denise Matthews/Vanity.

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