Prince, 55, really HAS turned his back on technology. He liked the internet back in the 90’s but he learned to hate it when he couldn’t control images and content and comments from churlish geeks. He banned his music from YouTube and iTunes and took down his own website in retaliation to SOMETHING. He insists “the internet is OVER.” Really. And in a recent interview with V magazine he declared that he does NOT possess a cell phone! His manager takes and responds to all calls for him. Prince claims he likes “peace and calm” and is much happier and more prolific in his own little world. He’s currently touring with his new band 3rdeyegirl.



  1. I was lucky enough to catch Prince in clubs before he became PRINCE. God he was sooo good even then. You will never hear a bad word about this man ever pass through my lips. I am a big fan and still love his music. Oh and Kanye West…this is what true musical genius looks like, he plays his own instruments and writes his own lyrics and music in English and never has to use the term m-fkers to get to his point.

  2. He was last relevant circa 1983. Yawn…

  3. well, he acts maybe a bit homosexual but he truelly admires women & is acting that way.


  4. Well, I agree that technology has gotten out of control. Internet and electronics changing daily. It would be nice if it would slow down and we could see some improvement on more important things like health, food quality, education, pollution, etc.

    Prince is eccentric, but Dawn is right, he is an amazing musician. Plays practically everything, can sing (for real), write, perform. Also, I don’t think he’s a perv or pedo like MJ. I’ve never met him, but know a lot of people who do, and they say he’s actually nice and down to earth.

  5. talking about Prince is like discussing the cosmos. it is a vast source of awe and wonder…

  6. @Pippa – u seem to have a serious problem, bitch. According to u, many artists were relevant only in the 80’s. Go check ur head, will u?

    Photoshopped or not, Prince looks great. Real artist. And not a paedo, like Jacko, his archenemy….

  7. I believe there is some truth to what he is saying being happier without techno.

  8. He certainly has a point, and I agree with the other posters, the man oozes talent.

  9. What a hypocrite, he won’t have a phone so he makes his bodyguard carry one and respond to all his calls for him. So now he’s free and happy but his bodyguard is twice as stressed. Real nice.

    He can hate the Internet if he wants to, but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere yet.

  10. Prince is a Genius.. point blank. When I was a kid I read he could play 28 instruments…Lord knows what he has added to that list since. When he performs.. he is amazing. I read Janelle Monae is going to release a song with him in the coming months… excited O.O

    I am question the internet lately I ended up back here. Hey y’ Strom.. miracles happen.. Unless its like Voldemort and I should not have mentioned the name hehe 🙂

  11. There are plenty of times when I wished I could live off the grid. Good for him. There’s nothing wrong with paying others (if you can afford it) to take your calls. I admire him even more.

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