Teen vixen Courtney Stodden is disappointed that her new DD implants aren’t getting her enough attention. Not ONE magazine cover! So she and her husband Doug Hutchison took a walk on Hollywood Boulevard, hoping to cause a stir. Unfortunately, girls that look like Courtney are not so uncommon on Hollywood Blvd so she might have gotten more attention in Beverly Hills, if you know what we mean.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. This dumb girl would have been pretty if she’d stayed natural.

  2. There’s nothing funny about them, its exactly on the contrary. This is what mind control/MK ULTRA can do to u….

  3. I am imagining that Courtney’s mother sees her as a cash cow who will support her in the lifestyle that she deserves.

  4. The whole situation with her is just sad. I think she might have been molested as a child, she is just too hypersexual.

  5. psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssh!!
    the hell………….THEY’RE FLAT!!

  6. Those chemical balls are painful to even look at. What on earth could be going through her mind to have her body disfigured like that? The doctor must work out of his home or a strip mall?

  7. I’m sure one of those watermelons will eventually explode. It’s nice to be recognized for something that you do that’s actually meaningful — rather than a very young “girl” trying to get attention by looking like a hooker — with that “old” man husband at her side.

  8. Poor thing. He looks and acts like her pimp. Which he is, actually.

  9. This is what America is all about. Happy 4th!

  10. He’d have to be her handler. With those shoes and the size of those melons she’s likely to pitch over at any time.

  11. Janet, do you mean she might get more clients in Beverly Hills? She looks like a prostitute to me.

  12. The BLACKS might make a play for her because she is white and blonde…just as Beyoncé and the Jackson girls wished they were!

  13. She’s really pathetic if she thinks she’s the least bit sexy, looking like that. What she looks is desperate. She doesn’t have a clue that sexy is NOT in your face half naked. Sad.

  14. Courtney Stodden is NOT sexy… and obviously sexually abused at a young age.. hell even legally by marriage allowed by her own mother.

    Its disgraceful and I agree also with XYZ..
    she thinks she is in control but the truth is she only wants others to see her as a sex object.. a toy and that is what she was made to be when she was being molested.

  15. True and look at the girls with the rappers,,,,think anything about them is sexy? Not exactly.

  16. Strom, go away dumbass. Tedious drivel, give it a rest. NO ONE CARES !

  17. I used to feel sorry for her thinking that Doug was a pervert but now I see him as the victim of a narcissistic woman who will use anybody to get what she wants. He seems rather pathetic. I think this woman is demented and has no concept of how ridiculous she is.

  18. Ha the poor posters hiding behind pseudos’and always willing to enable the Obama phone crowd!

    Question: Why won’t fearless leader help the 50% of BLACK women whom the CDC says have and spread herpes? Why why?

  19. strom, .

    Maybe its ‘cuz very few black women have morals. They are always on the lookout for a good black man and there are few left as they are marrying white gals. So to try to “SnaG” a man they give IT up, & they re usually left with no man, a kid and a STD, and voila the circle starts all over again. That’s the way its been for a longlong time.

  20. Only The ghetto BLACKS will make a play for her because she is white and blonde…just as Beyoncé and the Jackson girls wished they were!

  21. Yes, Cameo=Christine India=Strom.
    Strom, you messed up with the Christine India facade like you did as Reta. Want to know when and how you screwed up?

  22. ^ I am sooo not these person(s).

    And what is your other names?, not that anyone cares.

  23. I bet she thinks being thin, bleached, implanted, and orange are her tickets to stardom. Too bad she doesn’t get it that most find her look to be trashy, and most men would use her and then toss her in the trash.

  24. Wonder what she will look like in 20 years?

    I see visions of Tanning Mom.

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