Heidi Klum, 40, and her bodyguard-turned-boyfriend Martin Kristen, 45, have been arguing over the fact that she’s not so interested in getting married again, but Martin thinks it’s the next logical step in their relationship. They have already exchanged gold promise rings and Martin cares for her children like a father. Heidi and her children both love Martin and she doesn’t want to lose him, so she’s trying to work something out. Martin is uncomfortable acting as both bodyguard and boyfriend – he’d like more equality in their relationship and Heidi can’t blame him. According to the National Enquirer, Heidi is planning to have an iron clad prenup, and her 70 million dollar fortune will be held in trust for her children. Martin would walk away from the marriage with nothing. We’re guessing he’ll cooperate.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Prenups like that should be illegal. The prenup should protect what each walked into the marriage with and stipulate a fair division of what was accumulated over the course of the marriage: 50/50 OR 60/40 depending on how custody is assigned. In cases of extreme disparities of wealth, the less affluent should get a lump sum to allow him/her to establish a new home.

    Heidi wants a double standard.

    I think Martin should contribute to the household in proportion to his income. Even if he makes 1/100 of what she makes, he should still contribute 1/100 of their expenses. If she wants him to work for her, then they’d be better off with him as a househusband with an equal share of and power over her income. She should not continue to be his employer!

  2. Yeah right! A woman in long island n.y., convinced the appeals court to annul the prenup and won. She represented herself.

    Is he going to work after they get married? How does she know that he won’t have sex with another female client. Is he going to sit at home and be mr. klum?

  3. Im really sorry for Martin. He’s such a stupid ass. No decent, reasonable white man would marry this mudshark. Once u went black, noone wants u back.

  4. I don’t understand why people feel the need to get married after only a short time together. Whatever happened to long engagements, really getting to know each other, before you make it permanent, or semi-permanent these days.

  5. I don’t like this woman. How many times did we hear that when she first saw Seal she was mesmerized by his big dick. All that phony renewing of vows every year. Anybody could see that they were trying too hard to convince us of their “love”.

  6. Maybe it was themselves they were trying to convince…

  7. @Hello & @CoCo
    my two favorite posts 🙂

    I have not been here on comments in a looong time (exempting the last few days) BUT @998o~ XYZ is Strom also? I am genuinely asking because I am outta the loop and THAT is new to me.

  8. Strom posts under several aliases and often argues with himself. A delusional character with no life. Probably heavily medicated.

  9. @Q Thanks for answering me
    I like Ur name~reminds of Trek..one of my fav characters. Damn I remember Strom from before BUT I never realized, or I guess, never paid enough attention to know he was pretending to be other people OR creating fake dramz.So maybe there are a handful of genuine people here.. I am one. I hope no one thinks I am Strom o.O hahah yeesh O.O

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