Is anybody else annoyed by this “Pope-mania” on TV and everywhere else? MUST we have continuous news coverage of this religious event in Rome? Is the Catholic religion REALLY of general interest? It’s not as if an American would ever end up as Pope. Why do Americans need to have a blow by blow report on the Pope election? We find that whole wealthy, male dominated, and conservative church difficult to relate to in modern times. We also believe most of the newscasters interrupting shows to breathlessly report papal smoke colors etc, were really bored out of their minds. When the new Pope FINALLY appeared we were relieved and then remembered there might be all kinds of swearing-in ceremonies and parades to come…

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  1. Let us hope that this Pope sticks to his long time reputation of laying low. Celebrating a church whose last leader Herr Ratzinger, aided and abetted his priestly and nunnery pedophiles for 25 years as Pope Paul’s enforcer and 8 years as Pope….he is responsible for the rapes of thousands of children across the planet as charged by the International Crimes Commission the ICC in the Hague. Watching this wasteful pomp and ceremony of a group of crimson colored leering old men who are clueless about human sexuality and decency with children, is the height of hypocrisy . I’ll be watching old movies instead.

  2. There are millions and millions of Catholics all over the world Janet, I’m sure they are interested.

    Where is the story about Kanye West’s lover, Riccardo Tisci, dumping him. I knew Kim would be raising that kid as a single mother.

  3. What is your religion janet since scientolgy and catholicism is not your thing. Obviously millions of people do care about having a relgious leader despite years of abuse to women, children and men.

  4. I wish him well and while not Catholic, appreciate their values. The female libbers want entry into every club, except their own lesbian secret meeting house!

    I am glad to see a Pope from South America and hope he does well for his followers.

    Lawsuits from every BLACK catholic to follow, along with demands for reparations!

  5. “apprecitiate their values”,

    what a laugh … no you don’t Strom, you’re a reprobate, racist windowlicker.

    The values you articulate are, intolerance, race hatred and xenophobia, oh and probably pedophilia. For reference, check out your posts.

    Even this last one, you can’t resist an racist aside, you’re the guy in the van masturbating.

  6. …. Ouch !

    but, on the money,

    Strom is the very last troll to “appreciate values”, as he has none himself.

    Ridiculous opinions, yes, a moral centre, not so much.

    He;s sure is not the kind of creep to expect any self awareness from. Don’t bother.

  7. I hope the Pope is gracious and helps heal and bring people of all races and religions closer together.

    Strom, we know you are alone and obviously unhappy, but, you say so many terrible things, just creepy, please try to try stop being so mean all the time, try to be witty instead of creepy

    think about it please.

  8. blame the coverage on the Networks, not the Catholics ..

    come on Janet use your head.

    Btw Im an atheist, full time, but I think the roughly 70 million Americans who are Catholic might be, a little interested ? don’t you think ?

  9. I couldn’t agree more…even though I live in italy. Basta !!!!!

  10. Complete agreement, Janet. I’m just sorry this pathetic excuse for a human being didn’t inhale all the smoke he released into the atmosphere.

  11. Basta is right! Enough about the Pope.
    We need info about Kanye’s lovah!
    Janet, stop saving the good stuff…

  12. A very large group of men – who are not allowed to marry – who hide behind thick walls. What can you expect????? Enough already!!!!!!

  13. Totally agree with you Janet. Why all this coverage of a Pope? I don’t understand. It’s boring and meaningless and irrelevant to the modern world. What a waste of air-time and network money.I wonder which network decided first and then all the others had to follow….hmmm.

  14. I don’t understand you people complaining, you too Janet. Why do you watch the news?! I find that boring, especially sport. You have the internet at your fingers, in most cases a link to world information in your pocket, but you ‘watch’ the news. Why don’t you go to a regional and/or worldwide web page and read or watch what appeals to you!? You have the choice, take control.

    First world problems eh!

    although have enjoyed reading the posts, I did wonder why the last guy stepped down – cheers Ed.

  15. Small minded posters spend too much time worrying about strom, rather than the threads at hand. JC just shows her ignorance about Pope news but is happy to post multiple Kardashian stories (for which she is paid) and even more trivial bs.

    Because the Pope stands firm against the GAY Lifestyle and all things ghetto, he is being tormented by participants.

    When will the protests of discrimination about BLACK Pope candidates begin? Next a Catholic EEOC?

    As Herman Cain says, Stop complaining and go to work!

  16. Speaking of which:
    They’ve just hailed a new pope in, which
    is quite ironic, because “Hailed Pope”
    is an anagram of paedophile

    Thought I’d mention it!

  17. Any priest or nun pedophiles should be arrested and prosecuted. Since all the GAY WORLD crowd says “gays were born that way” it is possible, if not probable, that many of the gay Sebastians saw the $$$$$ being paid out by the church and went squealing to the press w/ trumped up stories of “abuse”.

    Hang the real perverts like Michael Jackson by their horny little balls!

  18. I wouldn’t mind the Catholic Church (or any church) if they were compelled to pay taxes on all their holdings and their priests, pastors, employers, whatever, were held to the letter of the law, like all the rest of us.

  19. The Pope is not just representing a religion, he is a head of state. THAT’S what makes it newsworthy.

    I think before you continue to publish in the “royal we”… you bone up on some civics.

  20. Strom, you’re still focused on Sebastian Canada?

    He’s been here in different forms, and you’re too dense to notice…

  21. Just turn the station or turn the TV off! That’s what I do

  22. The Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest Corporations in the world. They have Billions and pay NO taxes. The Church also owns major shares in other Corporations like IBM, Exxon, etc.

    It is no wonder Strom loves them. They harbored Nazi’s during WW2, have waged out and out war on women and womens bodies, murder thousands of women during the witch burnings, oppose any type of natural sexual pleasure and are a haven and breeding ground for Pedo’s and Rapists. Yes, great values.

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