It seems like Ivana Trump, 64, always has a good looking Italian boyfriend and never has much time off between them. Here she is shopping in Milan with her latest companion – real estate developer Marcantonio Rota. That fur cape is liable to rub a few people the wrong way, but Ivana looks happy.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. What a revolting excuse for a human being to wear animals because of vanity. She is a disgusting person to support cruelty violence and death. With all the poverty hunger and pain in the world (caused by 1% rich asshole scum like her and her ex) let us hope one day animals and working people they have killed used exploited and ripped off get their revenge!

  2. just saw a pic of her in sleeveless wrinkly sagging arms.

    I guess the money she gets from Donald keeps her boyfriends around for the lifestyle.

  3. I live in Miami Beach and I know for a fact
    her so called boyfriend is gay
    No wonders there is only kissing on the cheek
    Can’t she land a man that is straight

  4. I wonder if she sees much of her children or grandchildren?

  5. LOL! That’s the first camouflage-patterned fur I’ve ever seen!

  6. That “fur” looks like it is from a big bin at IKEA. Hopefully it looks better in person.

    Him – gay or gigolo? OR maybe just European! Who cares. At least it looks like they could be a real couple.

    Unlike Madonna and her string of latino gaylings.

  7. please check your information, THIS IS HER SECRET SON “John”.

  8. Look at it this way: she has tons and tons of money to buy her ummmm escorts. Nothing ever changes.

  9. You can knock her all you want, but she was the one who told the Donald to sell the Casino’s, they bought in Atlantic City and guess who kept them forever.

    Ask Ivanka, wonder what she’s up to ? Go check out some of those home-brew video on youtube. Nuff said.

  10. Just like Anne Hathaway’s famous Italian boyfriend (fraudster).

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