Pete Wentz missed the mark in his leather outfit at the AMA’s. The military/ dominatrix black leather look was not a bad idea, but everything was just too crisp shiny, stiff, and brand-new. Rockers should look a little beat up – scuffed and distressed. We imagine the bottoms of his boots are still clean. The perfect shiny look is just too Hot Topic. HE looks cute, though.

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  1. This fool represents everything which is wrong in America today. May God save your crumbling Country…

  2. Oooooohhhhhh Yeaaaaahhhhh……His brand spanking new leather outfit. Many faggots would just looooovvve to spank him while he is wearing his brand spanking new leather outfit. And he would love it.

  3. Dieter Schumacher-Berlin: You got it Dude. And, there are of course many other scum-bags: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Adam Lambert, Letterman, Kardashians, and multitudes of bottom feeders that do nothing but spread filth and sex germs. We are doomed and have been for quite a while.

  4. Well he’s prettier than wify and son for sure. Let the man live with confidence.

  5. Dieter: Also, I forgot the main one, Queen of Corruption, Madonna.

  6. I don’t think he rocks as a musician, I see him more as a young entrepreneur (or opportunist). He is adorable, I like him without the guyliner. I didn’t realize until a year ago that he wasn’t the front guy of the band, the homely fat guy is.

  7. Ya gotta kind of question any guy that would fall in love Assley Simpson. Not exactly the smartest guy in Hollywierd.

  8. He gets me hot.

    Us fatties like the emo crowd. There’s a guy at the WalMart who looks just like him. I could do wonderful things to him or Pete.

  9. I USED to think he was THE BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG, ever. Pete, you’re officially off the hook. Adam “look at me, I’m a colossal famewhore” Lambert now carries the crown of THE BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG.

  10. Oh my golly, I just found this out: Pete has bi-polar disorder (schizophrenia). This is bad, very bad, and incurable. If you don’t take your medicine, you could go off-the-wall in an instant. I wonder if Ashlee knew about this. If she knows it, I hope she sees to it that he takes his meds, or it could be another saga of Rihanna and Chris Brown (seriously).

  11. Daisy, you’ve got your mental illnesses confused. Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder are different…..and you sound sick yourself.

  12. Lisa is right. Meant to say manic-depressive is the same as bi-polar, not schizophrenia. Sooo sorry.

  13. captain america, you sure seem to know alot about homosexuals and what they like.

  14. Cathy,

    Captain America is gay but in the closet because after he grew too old for his daddy to donkey punch, he couldn’t admit he liked it. So now ha gay bashes while licking pictures of Adam Lambert. It seems to work for him.

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