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It’s over. We’ve lost one of the greatest movie stars of our time. He outlived his contemporaries and competitors James Dean, Montgomery Clift, and Marlon Brando, and we never grew tired of him. What made Paul Newman special, aside from his devastating good looks, was his decency and humanity. We will remember his inspiring long term marriage to Joanne Woodward and his sincere charity work, as well as those amazing blue eyes.

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  1. Piss off HWood and the Media vote McCain/Palin and watch “An American Carol” next week.

  2. The current crop of show business skanks could take a lesson in how to live from this gentleman. Of course he was superbly talented, and heart-stoppingly beautiful, but far more important than that, he was a man. A mensch. He didn’t run around chasing women half his age. He didn’t make a spectacle of himself in clubs boozing and doing drugs. He stayed married to one woman since 1958. He behaved with dignity, humility and class every day. He gave hundreds of millions of dollars to charity without tooting his own horn. We shall not see his like again. Rest in peace, Mr. Newman.

  3. One of the all time BEST!!! Super hot to look at, no matter what age, he flowed into it in style and grace, didn’t yank his face back to kingdom come like so many do…he was just graceful and elegant and talented!! Loved him in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor!!! One of the best actors of ever & ever…a champ in every role he played. Best wishes to his loving wife & family & thanks for sharing him with us over these years.

  4. bring back old hollywood, the patriotic hollywood with pro american messages and country first.
    Watch “An American Carol” 2008 Bash hollywood and LOL in theatres next week.

  5. Paul was an inspiration – a devoted husband, loving father, philanthropist, talented actor. He quietly gave millions to charity (without seeking applomb or publicity for his work). Modern-day stars should take a lesson from him in generosity, class, and humility. He will be missed. My prayers go out to Paul’s family and friends.

  6. He was a STAR. Not some reality make-believe or horrible TV actor.
    I’m 49 and have thought him a great actor for many years (although I didn’t agree with his political views.)
    He remained married to his wife since 1958 – a feat in itself from the Follywood crowd.
    I feel for his family. Truly, a good man is gone.

  7. I think everyone is sick and tired of bubbleheaded hollywood types making stupid political statements. They have turned alot of people off with their ultra-liberal and down right ignorant views…

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