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We may be sick of looking at Paris Hilton, but when she appeared at Selfridge’s in London to promote her fragrance, they had to close the crowded street down. Apparently she figured that if she wore a goofy hat like Sarah Jessica Parker she’d get more attention and it worked. The Brits aren’t wild about Benji Madden – one reporter said his tattoos make him look like a burn victim.( Paris definitely has bigger feet than her boyfriend.) In summation, a lot of people stopped to gape at Paris, but perfume sales were reportedly disappointing.

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  1. I’m not a “fashionista,” but tan shoes with a white dress????? I’m not feeling it. (and the DO make her gunboats looke even more massive than usual…)

  2. Like how she scrunches down to match Benji’s height.
    Perhaps learned from Katie Holmes ?

  3. Glad to hear sales were dismal. The best thing that could ever happen to Paris is that all her business ventures turn sour and that she becomes persona non gratis. She is a shiite stain on society.

  4. Brits shame on you for feeding this publicity machine. Just when she’s starting to wind down *finally* here in the states. Don’t give Paris anymore poisonous fuel to feed her unquencible desire for frivolous fame, IOW the public has to start ignoring her.

  5. This is too funny. Benji looks like Boy George. Doncha think?

  6. a new fairy-tale:

  7. The Brits prolly just wanted to get a look at how she can generate so much hoop-la in the States. Kinda like when a zoo obtains a Panda Bear and the multitudes flock to see it. (Or maybe to see what a BIGFOOT would look like when one is finally captured.)

  8. they look like a lesbian couple for fairytale hell.

  9. Benji Madden looks like a lesbian, and Paris looks like an idiot

  10. Benji looks like a 14 year old boy in this picture. Hollywood Ebola looks quite pretty.

  11. What the hell is up with those shoes she’s wearing? Did she find them in a dumpster? They’re horrid and they don’t go with that “outfit” at all.

  12. OF ALL THE SHOES…Princess Paris cou;d have picked out. DISAPOINTING. She is so tall and he is so short. They look funny. They don’t seem like they belong. I heard she does not like his tattoos, Thats why his arm are always covered up.

  13. I think after these comments she will dump him these day’s, BET?
    On the other hand, why doesn’t his person dump her first?

  14. If she really really really loved him, she would wear flat shoes like Katie Holmes is forced to much of the time. lol

  15. Another in a long line of fashion horrors. Does she shop at Walmart? The sorry sight is always good for a chuckle.

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