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Paris Hilton was hired to do a photo layout for German Vanity Fair last week and we got inside scoop on how the shoot went. It took place in a luxurious private home in LA. She was scheduled to be shot at 9 AM with a group of kids, but Paris showed up 45 minutes late and insisted on sleeping in her car for 45 more minutes before walking in, carrying her dog, wearing her bathrobe and slippers. She insisted on smoking pot ALL day and the homeowner had to request that she do it in the yard, NOT in the house. The bedroom that served as Paris’s dressing room was covered with blankets to protect the carpet and bed. “She was really in a daze and didn’t communicate with anyone – not even the photographer who had worked with her before.” When Paris left, the room she had used was a mess. The blankets were cast aside and there were blonde hair extensions all over the carpet, food spilled everywhere, rings on the tables, and her dog peed on the bed!

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  1. So this is suppose to shock us because…….???????????

  2. This from the same person who told Larry King on national television that she doesn’t do drugs because “It’s not my thing.” Unbelieveable!

  3. Just hope she doesn’t give pot to the dog. And, George, who believed her rant anyway about ‘staying clean’? Ha. She is rotten to the core, and it would take a Divine miracle to change her. Maybe if she found herself suddenly poor she would get out of her drug induced haze and live a normal life..Ha, again.

  4. Attention!
    Glamour magazine we have found your fashion DON’T for the Month…Year. Decade.
    What an ass.(hole).

  5. What else would you expect from this tramp. “Like a fart in a mitten.”

  6. she’s a tramp , skank, a slop, a spoiled brat and will always be one too. and a pot head who doesn’t know between day & night and whoever mates with her will be condemned forever.

  7. you got that right A.C.D. doomed forever and i bet she’s got crotch crickets 2.

  8. Hey, give the slut some credit. The behavior described is much better than how she usually acts!!!!!

  9. she’s a big b#$%^ and will always be one forever and ever. so kiss my ass PARIS STILL HAS HERPES.2:57PM

  10. Mommy Mommy, they’re picking on me again. I definitely did not do whatever they said I did. It was somebody else. The maid stole my watch; I didn’t know what time it was. Help me Mommy and buy me out of these lies.

  11. she has no redeeming qualities. dumb as a box of rocks, fake hair, fake eyes, bullimic, herpes having, narcissistic, racist. horrible, horrible self-involved human being.
    so, the above doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t understand why she gets such fluffy press on “E” and even the news channels. If any other adult said the racist things she said on camera, it would be all over the news.

  12. WhatEVER,,,,she’s a STAR,,,she can do what she wants,,,,if her glam squad weren’t such a pack of filthynasty slobs (and they ALL are) and that go’s for wardrobe too,,and perhaps if they had some good production assistants to pick up after them none of this would be reported. Sounds like bad production team planning here.

  13. Janet, your “source” is clearly full of cr@p. Paris would never act so unprofessional. Our attorneys will be contacting you with regards to this malicious slander. You must be stopped from writing this garbage.

  14. To quote Janet Charlton: “If I write it, I BELIEVE it is true. Unlike celebrity magazines, I will write about ANY celebrity that I find interesting – from Barbra Streisand to Ali G. I am as sick and tired as you are of fake Jennifer Aniston stories and Paris Hilton photos.”
    WTF Janet?

  15. What a waste of space, time and energy. Please write about someone else other than Paris Hilton. Why is she even on here? What makes her news? Some poor bastard is suffocating because Paris Hilton is alive and breathing up all his air!!

  16. with other words: WE’RE TALKING HERE ABOUT FULL SIZE TRASH!!

  17. she’s must be noteworthy cause there are alot of bloggers on this b$%^& hilton so we all fall guilty on this.

  18. I don’t hate Paris. I find the story believable except for the smoking pot all day thing. Wouldn’t she be eating more food if that was true?

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