Before she celebrated her 29th birthday last weekend, Paris Hilton was dropping hints like mad that she wanted an engagement ring from her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. (Although Doug, from The Hills, doesn’t seem like much of a catch – Paris always wanted to marry a billionaire) Paris probably WILL get that ring before she turns 30 because our illustrious colleague in Las Vegas, Norm Clarke, has heard that she is shopping around a reality show that will feature their wedding preparations and ceremony. (Above, Paris had lunch at the Ivy today in her pinafore dress.)

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  1. Why do you even bother giving this woman any column inches? Surely at this point nobody gives a rat’s behind about this fame whore. (And why anyone EVER did is beyond me!)

  2. After giving it much thought, it is still unclear who is the biggest whore: Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton. Guess it would be a draw. They would go totally insane unless cameras are following them. So don’t.

  3. At least she’s keeping the lesser known designers and consignment stores in business with her constant discount purchase or loan modelling, changing clothes many times in a day for photos. I wonder what she does with all the purchased or gift clothes after she’s worn them once?

  4. I am all for “The simple life”,but please
    take that dingy, wrinkled atrocity and throw it in the nearest trashcan.Paris has been engaged numerous times in the past five years including being engaged to a young
    million-heir by the name of Paris Lattis that
    last for a heartbeat.At the ripe old age of 29,maybe taking a break from dating,and mating,and taking time to get to know herself
    without a man in the picture,and cameras monitoring her every breath,maybe she might get a chance to get a glimpse of the real world at long last!!

  5. they are both such fame ho’s. Her feet look like 10 foot long boats!! Isn’t there an operation she can have to make those things smaller??? lol

  6. Well, they better remember to book an extra room in their honeymoon suite for those hooves of hers! That skanky whore has bigger feet than a lot of NBA players!

  7. Remember when she was in jail, she said when she came out she was going to start doing things to improve the world? Yeah, how did that work out for her. How many times has she been engaged now, but yet not one of them will actually marry her

  8. One wonders why she is wearing a child-inspired wrinkled pinafore.

    One wonders why she gets engaged and after a few months, the deal is off.

    One wonders why she doesn’t get a nose job.

    One wonders why she was ever put on a pedestal in the first place.

    One wonders how many germs and bacteria she has acquired from (well, you know).

    The only thing one does not wonder about is

  9. oh stop bein so hard on the lil dumplin. she’s like the town bicycle, everyone’s had a ride on her.

    she keeps all the young boi toys relieved and release. she does the world a favor.

    a satisfied boi is a happy boi.

  10. am i the only person that’s noticed she hasn’t worn an open toed shoe in like 2 years?! what’s up with that? is she now self conscious bc everyone made fun of her big feet and toes, or does she have some foot fungus?! seriously, no open toed shoes EVER! even with dresses that clearly called for strappy shoes……. i’m just sayin’

  11. Paris is about to become irrelevant. 29 is too old to continue acting like a silly goose. We’ll see a version of the above at 39, 49, 59….

  12. you’d think she could at least find a guy with a job, this dude is unemployed for a long time. As big as her feet are, she should never wear white shoes, clown feet.

  13. WHAT is your problem with Paris Hilton?

    You know full well that Doug has been wanting to marry Paris from day one.

    You also know that he comes from a rich family, so this would be a good match.

    Can you behave any more like a jealous highschool girl? Is it because she has more followers than you?

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