What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling down and out and needs a morale boost? If she’s a female celebrity, she sets up a photoshoot with Mario Testino. Pamela Anderson, 45, has been working hard to make a buck for the past few years and at the same time enduring horrendous internet insults about how badly she’s aging and how “rough” she looks. (We don’t agree.) Of course, this seems to be an occupational hazard for a pin-up girl – the insults are “payback” for the glorious bikini years of her youth when all male eyes were upon her, but it’s also a rude and nasty aspect of the anonymous internet. Brazilian Vogue is obviously very different from ours and they published these sexy photos of Pam that are certain to brighten up her day. Click HERE for more – we were surprised how unflattering those tattoos have become…
Vogue photo


  1. Pammy has always been a worker and even though she goes to the opening of envelopes at least she is bringing in the money and paying her bills. She has been looking better lately.

  2. She is very rough around the edges without a lot of work but she has been a very hard liver!

  3. Pam’s only detraction are those 1930s pencil-thin eyebrows.

  4. Its hard to age in the entertainment business when you are known for being a sex symbol. I hope she finds something else to do. Good luck to her.

  5. Pays her bills? Pammy owes California a ton of money in back taxes. As a tax paying Californian, I want Pammy to pay her share.

    She still looks rough, but she has photo shop, and the tats aren’t too bad.

  6. ITA she looks very good in the pics but I’ve seen pics where she’s looked hard, wasted with too much makeup. I don’t like tats but hers look OK and much much better than Angelina Jolie’s tats and she is much younger than Pam.

  7. She is paying her bills. Not everyone can pay at one time and it is no secret she owes lots.

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