Bobby Brown might be flattered to learn that Osama Bin Laden wanted to destroy HIM along with the Eiffel Tower and the U.S. Capitol. The National Enquirer chatted with Bin Laden’s exwife and mistress and learned some fascinating details about the terrorist’s idiosyncrasies. Bin Laden pretended to be pious, but he often had Playboy magazines in his briefcase. Most amusing was the fact that at one time the al-Qaida leader had an overwhelming obsession with Whitney Houston and wanted to kill her then-husband Bobby Brown! He considered her the most beautiful woman in the world and was willing to spend huge amounts of money on her. He even fantasized about giving Whitney a mansion that the owned in Khartoum and making her one of his wives.


  1. You do yourself no credit by posting bad fiction such as this.

  2. Its a very old story and an even older photo of Whitney.

    Today she would be so drug addled that she might go away with anyone….especially a woman. Whit’s appetite for female sex is said to be very strong.

    The most interesting story is who is supplying and delivering the drugs to Whit and many of the Hollywood stars who are druggies.

    Could one day Sam Ronson get between Whit’s legs in exchange for a nice supply?

  3. Strom,

    why do you now capitalize your last name?

  4. Strom,

    (should have been) why do you know capitalize your FIRST name?

  5. How many years and how many lives could have been saved if we had sent Whitney over to him? She would have destroyed him within months.

  6. Isn’t this an old story? By the way, today they announced that they found a whole lot of porn at his compound in Pakistan. Love these religious hypocrites. Wonder if they found a copy of The Bodyguard too.

  7. It is a very old story, told by the black African who was supposedly his mistress in the Sudan. She was similar to Whitney in height but as black as Aretha!

    Probably if there had been 6 other wives in the compound Whit would have tried to have a go with each of them. Osama could have kept her in drugs very easily however but the booze would have been a problem.

  8. She was beautiful…she is now a drug ravaged, washed up superstar who flushed it all down the drain so she could suck on a crack pipe.

    What must have happened to her in order for her to do this to herself? Maybe one day she will write her autobiography? I will definately pick up a copy. That is if she makes it over Crackhead Mountain to Soberville.

  9. she uses this as an excuse for her cocaine obsession over & over again.

  10. Kola Boof is a well known “womanist” writer who was taken against her will by Laden and made to be his mistress under guard till he chose to release her. Sort of what happened to Patty Hearst, can’t you people google and read Twitter timelines! KB used to write for a soap opera she’s six foot 2. Bin Laden liked her cause he was six foot six.

    Google is your friend and the Enquier only quoted from her book, didn’t interview her. ALL on twitter!

  11. OBL must have never figured out whitney is worthless crack ho, and has been for 10 years. Talking about a guy who was WAY BEHIND the times.

  12. So Osama lusted for a crack headed, train wreck, child corrupting has been, bull dyke!
    Islamic extremists will call propaganda bullshit on that.
    The part about Whitney being a lesbian that is.
    I wonder if Osama loved “man boy love thursdays” as much as the Afghanis do.
    Donkey raping, boy raping, rag head, degenerate menaces to civilization.
    You know any of them Indy?

  13. ^^^^No, my darling, I don’t. And as usual that was so funny I forgot to laugh.

  14. This could be the biggest rubbish post Janet has ever published

  15. strom, no one is as racist as you are, so give up trying to pin it on others. We ALL know you are king racist. Too bad Bin Laden didn’t kidnap YOUR racist ass and have his way with you while enjoying his porn. But you don’t deserve that level of attention he’s too good for the likes of YOU!

  16. Amazing and inaccurate slander but as expected from enablers of all things black!

  17. Yes Whitney was supposed to be the next model for black success…a tall light skinned woman with small breasts and a great voice and who quickly found success with songs the blacks thought were too white. Much more a trophy for the record companies than the very wide and black Aretha and Patti Labelle.

    She was ridiculed for her “whiteness’ and her lesbianism. She decided to go black by marrying Bobby in a wedding as sham as Rock Hudson’s with an understanding that he could have all the girls he wanted so long as it wasnt public and Whit could also have all the girls she wanted. Then almost a miracle she had a child. Bobby was a bad influence but was blamed for her addled behavior that she brought on herself and she became addicted to freebase cocaine.

    Her behavior for the last 15 years shows she has no connection to the world. Now she has bought a set of large breasts but her voice is gone. Sony continues to try to prop her up so she can cheat her fans out of concert money and the family is rolled out to enable her frequently.

    She has caused more problems than Lindsay Lohan but been in court less. She has cheated fans out of big $$ with her froglike singing but just headed offstage.

    Her lesbianism is mor eout of control than Hillary Clinton’s.

  18. i dont blame him she was beautiful and if i were a guy i would of wanted to date/screw her too, but too bad im a girl and like boys:)

  19. She wasnt that pretty in later life,,,missing many teeth, fake breasts, and more bag woman like and now they are both dead.

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