Okay, we stopped dead when we saw this photo of the Kardashian sisters promoting their new eyewear collection for Sears. Was there no budget for a stylist? Those three hideously cheap looking dresses in stretch black lace remind one of Forever 21 in the 90’s. SO dated. Naturally, they happen to be from the Kardashian Kollection for Sears. And there’s nothing edgy or modern or flattering about the eyeglass frames either. The Kardashian brand is devolving rapidly. Obviously the ad budget was blown on photoshopping and extensions for the sisters. What would Kanye think of this?

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  1. No group of white women have been screwed by as many BLACK men as this trio. Throw J Lo in the mix also and you see a quartet of people who try to pawn off junk clothing at high prices to prro females. They play chase the tail of whomever has previously gotten an endorsement to try and top it. Obviously no shame or morals.

    Was OJ Simpson screwing their mother as claimed?

  2. Janet please. Some items should come with a digital brown paper bag before posting.

    They look like hillbillies. And that’s an insult to hillbillies.

  3. I saw some of their clothing while walking through Sear’s to get to the tools. All of it was super cheap looking and not one soul was looking at any of it. They themselves wouldn’t be caught dead in it except for the ads. Are they making these glasses in their Chinese sweatshop too?

  4. Can the Kartrashian douche line be far behind? Is there nothing that they won’t try to hawk? I hope that this is the beginning of the end for this tribe and they go the way of the Hiltons.

  5. You may have given mom Kris an idea…Kardashian douche…maybe in a BLACK bottle.

  6. When the clothing line first came out I was in Sears and knew those clothes were the cheapest stuff out there. I actually feel badly for Sears because that clothing is not selling.

  7. Sears need to dump them and their cheap oily non-fashion line. No one is buying it, no one wants to look that cheap and trashy, hell they don’t even wear unless forced by Sears and that says it all. There should be a write-in campaign to Sears to get rid of this trashy family.

  8. I can’t believe anyone would buy anything the Kardashians promote…including their disgusting reality shows. If you stop paying attention to these people, they will go away.

  9. I like the picture (glasses, clothes, girls), but I doubt I’d like these clothes in real life.

  10. Coco, the glasses look like broke ass knock offs of the Sophia Loren line.

  11. ^^ I’m not understanding why you felt compelled to post this 2 days in a row; particularly when there’s a spelling error. Was your left hand stuck on the keys while your right hand was getting busy??

    Doth protest way too much, S.

  12. Hopefully customers will buy the glasses first before purchasing the hooker gear.

  13. c’mon janet, i stopped reading tmz and switched over to your site because i got sick and tired of hearing about these chicks every other headline

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