The Bachelorette has wrapped for season 8 with Emily Maynard walking hand in hand into the sunset with Jef Holm. (photo above). We’re incredulous that people actually WATCH this show, but ABC was happy with the ratings and it will return for season 9. Will the network try to spice up the show by having a new gimmick – like perhaps a plus size cast? A former contestant and insider told Huff Post THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Contestants will NEVER look like the average American. It’s a fairy tale show with a fairy tale ending and that’s how viewers like it. Reality is not part of the deal.

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  1. can’t help it: I’M EXPECTED TO MARRY ONCE…….

  2. I want to see a homely average weight couple go out in their K-Mart clothes, drive away in their four year old Corolla, with coupons for Burger King or Chili’s. lol

  3. I quit watching this crap years ago. I hate these shows.

  4. no “chubbies” but only moderately attractive humanoids.
    look to closely at the freaks who appear on this show and their physical and character flaws appear in abundance!

    I tried watching this show years ago and was immediately turned off by the vapid, too talkative females who dominated the program.

    this show is a ridiculous concept and I find it pathetic that grown women still want to believe in “fairy tales”!

  5. If you remove their fake hair, fake teeth, professional make-up, and glamourous clothes — they all look like us. I only watched the last show. I found the endless stories about her daughter SO Annoying!!!!!!

  6. Janet, you’re wrong! It HAS been donw. A large-sized man, who wanted as well, a large-sized woman played exactly the same in every way. Perhaps on Fox? I admit to having watched it and found it refreshing to see “real” people get a chance to play “fairy-tale”.

  7. I watched the last few episodes. I think Emily is prettier than most celebrities out there. I like a good romance! I think it will last.

  8. Don’t worry, “reality” is not reality — at least when it comes to tv.

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