Justin Theroux is not too cool to shop. He ran some errands in NYC where he and his bi-coastal girlfriend Jennifer Aniston have a place, and ended up carrying multiple shopping bags, including groceries. Justin is currently wrestling with the final script for Zoolander 2, which he will also direct. He’s co-writing with leading man Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell are confirmed to reprise their roles. Everybody’s ready to go as soon as the script is perfected.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. It will be very surprising if they ever make it down the aisle. As time marches on, he will slowly see that Jen spends most of her time on her looks. She has a long daily ritual she goes thru: yoga, stretching exercises, pilates, washes hair in Evian water, manicures, pedicures, perfect makeup. This was reported by one, maybe two, former lovers. If she does finaly drag him down the aisle, he must learn to be a saint and put up with all this. Money won’t mean so much then. lol

  2. What makes you think that they want to walk down the isle? It’s so funny the way you talk about her like you know her. Give me a break.

  3. Another rubbish film for Americans to waste their unemployment benefits on.

  4. Oh please.

    Everyone knows she is insecure about her looks. John Mayer said he kept her waiting while she went thru her beauty rituals (while on a Mexico trip). I know John is a mudball, but he told the truth on this.

  5. Call me old fashioned but, men’s skinny jeans have to go. Justin has a great physique but they just don’t look proportioned or perhaps his bags are too stuffed & heavy, resulting in that penguin walk, ah, whatever.

  6. I don’t think it is even worth mentioning that he runs errands and carries his own shopping bags. I mean, yeah, I can see why you’d make a deal of PRINCESS Caroline doing it, but an actor/writer….?

  7. Jennifer’s face and body are her fortune, so being high maintenance is par for the course, and expected. Just think how we’d gasp if Jennifer went outside without looking impecable.

  8. american men are such “Easy” *ss kissers.

  9. This man really works his butt off and often has so much on his plate and of course trying to do this and do that and run here and run there and get this and get that…This man has so much to do and of course he has a real hard life but on the other hand..Food needs to be in the home.

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