It had to happen. Nicollette Sheridan’s exboyfriend, physical trainer Niklas Soderblom, (above in happier times) is shopping around a tell-all book that goes into great detail about her mercurial temperament and mean streak. Apparently Nicollette dumped sexy Niklas when she realized his earning potential was limited. And the book won’t do anything to improve Nicollette’s shaky relationship with Michael Bolton. Niklas quotes Nicollette as saying “Michael Bolton is one of the weakest men I’ve ever met. He never swam in the sea because he was convinced it would ruin his hairdo.”

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  1. She’s just like the PAIGE character she played on Knots Landing. A whore that will stop at nothing including sleeping with your step father!

  2. It seems to me that Niklas is trying to make money off of Nicollette. So what if she has a temper. It also seems like he is jealous of Michael Bolton or else he would of kept Michael out of it.

  3. it sounds like that to me 2 sorry niklas but you must go on and stop trying to make money off the very rich.

  4. Shak Nicollette does appear to have a mean streak, you can just tell by looking at her. Michael does appear to be weak, you can just tell by looking at him. This marriage (if it happens at all) would have very low odds in Vegas of lasting. Tinseltown and those in it are very strange to say the least.

  5. 5:48 is right, shes always been a spiteful, snotty, little moron, she met her match in this guy, hes a jackass too.

  6. Is this the same guy who said she was a dud in bed? Anyway, who cares is right.

  7. Is he going to tell the story about the night I banged in fine a s s in HER limo while she attended the 2004 People’s Choice Awards?

  8. Nan-nanny boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo.
    Who cares if she has a hot temper?
    So what if she thought that his earning potential was crap.
    He’s a personal trainer, for God’s sake…just how much can he make???
    Is this book now some attempt to make his earning potential look better?
    Get a life, a job, a clue.

  9. niklas is a hunk but dumb and she’s a b@#&* she’s really hard on everybody and the show she’s in they should fire her i heard she’s so MEAN!!!

  10. They broke up because she was screwing around with a Canadian actor named Callum Rennie. Then she dumped him for someone else.
    Janet, you swiped this word for word from a British tabloid. At least give them credit.

  11. i am not a big fan of her or that stupid show either.

  12. i am not a big fan of her or that stupid show either.

  13. I see she’s already had the famous knee surgery to remove the excess skin, looks awful though.

  14. she’s not all that her body is getting older and it’s starting to show!!

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