Nicollette Sheridan is still disgruntled about being “unjustly” fired from “Desperate Housewives” so she’s delighted that the judge has declared that her case will be argued in front of a jury. Many in Hollywood expected that Nicollette’s lawsuit would be thrown out. Perhaps the fact that a former executive on the show backed up Sheridan’s timeline of events gave the case sufficient validity. Nicollette, 47, charges that after an argument with the show’s creator Marc Cherry, she complained to the studio and Cherry retaliated by writing her off the show. Nicollette won’t get her job back, but she might get a nice payday because the studio is expected to settle.

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  1. Well, I hope she can make it last because, I don’t think Hollywood will touch her again, with Charlie Sheen’s 10 foot pole!! She has always had the reputation of being difficult to work with, and this payday, definitely won’t change that.

  2. The only good episodes of D.H. was when Nic was featured. Since she quit or was fired (whatever), she still added a lot. It now sucks and the story lines are totally laughable and unbelievable.

  3. Indy are you suggesting that there was a time when Desperate Housewives was NOT “totally laughable and unbelievable”. It was better with Sheridan, but never unlaughable or believable. Sorry.

  4. She should write a book. I would read it!!

  5. Nice looking Woman but did anyone watch her rubbish television show?

  6. We remember when she was briefly styling herself as “Nicolette Savalas” (her mom had got her hooks into Telly when he had one foot in Forest Lawn);

    THAT move didn’t help her career and neither will this lawsuit. And isn’t Cherry supposed to be a member of Hollywood’s “Gay Mafia?”

    Careful, Nic—you could end up with a stiletto in your back (the SHOE, not the knife)LOL.

  7. She had an “argument” with Cherry?? She claimed he assaulted her and reported it to the studio. ABC has investigated similar claims made by Sheridan in the past, and found them to be without merit. Teri, Felicity, Marcia and Eva all support Cherry.

    What position did the “former executive” hold, and what were the reasons for his departure?

    You’re telling us a story without really telling us anything. I doubt she’ll win this, but we’ll see.

  8. Sorry for challenging you, but if that former exec left disgruntled, that would call his version of events into question. Also, Nicolette has amended her claim since she made it, dropping the allegations of abuse. Between that and having done this type of thing in the past, I have my doubts about her.

  9. Oh Boo F$&king Hoo! Woman should be happy to have had a job!

  10. I don’t believe her bullshit. She also was awful on DH and I loved when she was written off. Her face looks like she just bit into a rotten dill pickle.

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