If you think Mariah Carey is deliriously happy about her new set of twins, her husband Nick Cannon is even MORE delighted. According to a friend, Nick has been wanting babies ever since he married Mariah. He couldn’t WAIT for her to get pregnant and encouraged her to try every medical trick in the book. Nick never gave up and even when things got tough (Mariah battled weight problems, miscarriage, etc) he convinced Mariah they would get their wish. Only now does Nick feel relaxed and secure in his marriage. His friend said “He’s kind of like a woman in that way. He loves being a dad.”

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  1. Ahh, I love Nick Cannon. He will be a great father as will Mariah be a great mother. I have always felt that these 2 make a good couple but Nick sometimes seems to be too nice for Mariah. She just seems(or her rep) to be very spoiled and demanding at times. Maybe motherhood will soften her around the edges a little.

    Congratulations to both of them. These children are going to handsome and beautiful!!

  2. It’s unbelievable that Nick Cannon was single and eligible for so long. It’s just as if he was waitin’ for an older rich woman to come along, even tho I know he has his own career. This must have been meant to be.

  3. I hope both babies have her talented voice.

  4. Who on Earth is Nick Cannon? Is he some famous Gangster rapper in America? Never heard of him.

  5. Nick canon is one of my favorite celebrities, he is never a jerk, always a gentleman and seems like an all around good person, the jlo’s and lindsay lohans should take note and kanyes and jay z’s whom all seem like douchebags.

  6. We guessed she was having twins when her pregnancy lasted 18 months.

  7. People…he’s sitting on a nice stack of his own multi millions.

    I am rooting for this couple he’s a decent guy.

  8. I’m rooting for them too. She does seem a little spoiled to me, but he is clearly crazy about her.

  9. Too bad they picked such ghastly baby names: Moroccan and Monroe! Like someone said on another site, they’ll probably be known as “Rock ‘n Roe”!

  10. I just saw him in “Bobby”from several years back and he’s definitely had a nose job. Mariah has too, so I wonder about those babies coming out with either or both og their original noses.
    Nick’s was so different I nearly didn’t recognise him.

  11. just on the cheek….BUT DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!!!

  12. MissEva, you made me laugh: Rock ‘n Roe… lol

    I like Nick Cannon… he seems like a really nice guy… not sure about Mariah… she acts like she’s really nice too, but I see that “diva” in her that could mean high maintenance. Anyway, congrats to them on their babies!

    Still LOL at Rock ‘n Roe

  13. We just KNEW this weird woman would name them something off the charts.

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