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Wonder if Jennifer Lopez takes longer than ever to get ready for a big evening out since she was named “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by People magazine. She probably has a bunch of people putting her together and it was all worth it. She lived up to her title at the Costume Institute Gala in New York.


  1. Sorry Jan but she looks ridiculous. She gives me the exactly same vibe you say… it takes a team of people and many hours to make her look presentable. I’ll call her ‘Most high maintenance woman in the world’ – this has nothing to do with the beauty.

  2. BS
    Christian Ricci stole the crown at that gig. Jello has her same constipated gaze.

  3. What a joke…looks like she walked through the shrubbery.

    What kind of deal did her cosmetic sponsors and People work out to name her the most beautiful? It was just a gaff to appeal to hispanics for the cosmetics.

    Before the Kardashians she could claim the title of having accepted the most black meat in the most openings, but no more.

    When will the copyright ripoff of the recent songs be discussed?

  4. She looks like bottle brush!!

    This unfortunate looking get up is very unusual for J Lo, she is usually dressed superbly.

  5. This woman’s only talent is dressing up and having her picture taken. Her singing and acting ability is nonexistent.

  6. Jennifer has not look good since got rid of the make up artist she one had that was allegedly giving tabloids information on her.

  7. I have to agree with m.z. Miss richie stoled the show with her dress.

  8. Beatiful? she has a very pedestrian look to her face….walk down any street in Mexico and see a hundred people that look like that…minus the 6 inches of make up of course.

  9. Her face somehow looks like those wax statues. And I think this dress would hvae looked much better without the flowery shrug.

  10. psst: for this dated american we must go back to the start of the eightees, folks.


  11. The dress is a gorgeous color, but it is completely the WRONG color for her skintone. She needs to stick to browns and orange and yellow tones, not pink tones.

  12. Lady in Red is so Beautiful and lovely and sweet and you look like a Big Juicy Strawberry and your so Pretty and lovely and just outstanding in so many ways and a picture does speak a 1000 words and I am sure that you can get any man you want, Just like that but we all know that..One Man has your Heart and that the rest of the men in the world have to go out and get some one that looks like you and settle for that but your so smart and your Beautiful and you have the love of your life and you have a family and you are truly blessed and take care and have a great day little lovely rose.

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