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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are in London with the boys Kingston and Zuma, and they’ve been busy socializing with Gavin’s family all week. They took a little time for themselves and relaxed together at a pub. A photographer caught them through the window looking very affectionate. It must be nice to have parents who seem to be so much in love.


  1. This couple shows fake happiness.Too many skeletons in their closet.

  2. Nice satire. That showmance is on it’s last legs. WHEN is she going to divorce him. Then again some women just LOVE living with a gay gentleman.

  3. He actually has the look of, “Get the f**k off of me. I have to go and meet my male lover, George Michaels at the park.”

  4. He’s planning his escape as soon as Gwen releases him from the half nelson.

  5. “This couple shows fake happiness.Too many skeletons in their closet.”

    Absolutely. They’re absolutely fake. U bet Gavin still likes to play with boys…

  6. Gwen and Gavin are in the music industry. They aren’t actors, so they have no reason to bother staging a showmance. They have been a couple since 1995 when they began dating, married in 2002, and as of 2011 are the proud parents of 2 children.

    Janet is correct – it must be nice to have 2 parents with such a long, stable history, especially in Hollywood. It’s almost unheard of.

  7. To me he looks very proud of her affections toward him. I think these 2 have staying power because of their honesty with each other.

  8. Please..Gwen’s entire existence is a staged photo op she is the most insecure person on earth

  9. This picture reminds me of pictures with Demi Moore hanging on Ashton Kutcher. It seems insecure if you’ve been together for years to have to hang on to the other person. It’s either insecurity, or it’s posing for the cameras.

  10. People strike a pose when they’re aware pictures are being taken of them all the time, and families are no exception. It’s normal, and not necessarily indicative of putting on a show or insecurity.

    They’d get a lot more attention if they flitted from one showmance to another every few years to generate a new round of fresh tabloid headlines like most insecure, phony couples in Hollywood.

  11. Why would Gwen settle? She doesnt have to and didnt! So what if Gavin had a gay romance when he was a teenager. Boy George said he was an opportunist and doubted he was gay but it was all the “rage” in London at the time so he did it. Do I think Gavin is 100% gay? No…he’s prob a bit “Bi” but made the decision to marry and have that life…

  12. do these people EVER do ANYTHING else in their pitiful lives but pose for photographers??
    all i see are pix of them and their unfortunate looking albino children in blogs Constantly… about beyond over exposed…..BORING.

  13. Tagg, what a level headed objective comment. Hat tip.

  14. @Rick.
    Nice try. This is a gossip board. You may write a thesis all you want. People behind the scenes talk and I listen.

    Gav is bi. Gwen knows this. Anyone with a bit of body lanuage can tell there is NO passion in this pairing.

    MY sources say SHOWMANCE.

    Get to typing cause that is what you people do, try to bring control to a gossip board.

    Massive FAIL.

  15. LOL, she looks happy,he looks like he wants to get the hell away from her….like he’s pushing her away!

  16. Good grief. What an ugly bunch in general. Ok Mel, be seeing you. Just like Charlie, Mel WINNING.

  17. This is one of the few photos where Gwen hasn’t deployed her 6+ inches of mega-gums.

    Nice. 🙂

  18. americans are such NAIVE people.

    (his person)

  19. The man has major gayface more girly than Gwen with a face full of paint.

    Gayness is biological the girly face attracts other MEN. No diss. I’m no Reta (personal confessions) BROTHERs gay! Facial features are girly. All love no big whoop! My bro is six foot one and burly.

  20. LOL @ Something Nice: I hate gums, and Gwen’s rival the thinlipped gummy Katie Couric. I hate gums!!

  21. Gwen isn’t stupid, she obviously knows her man is gay and stays with him for friendship reasons. Some women would rather be married to a gay friend then be alone. She might not have known when she married him but she knows now and has chosen for the sake of her kid to make it work. It’s her life so if that makes her happy….

  22. Hey, sex isn’t everything in a marriage. She seems happy to flog her branded pencil cases and other assorted junk in Japan—to keep the money coming in…

    and he seems content to pretend to be a tennis champ with lots of leisure time on his hands.

    Still, would have been nice if the bus-boy that Gavin is staring down hadn’t been cropped out of the photo! 🙂

  23. I love how everyone on here knows for certain that Gavin is Gay and that Gwen settled for friendship?!! Give me a fuckin break. No one knows what goes on in their marriage. Gavin could be 100% faithful and bang her nightly. Its not like it takes an act of congress to bang a woman. Sorry to disappoint all the straight guys on here, lol…

  24. LOL
    it’s a gossip board and we are GOSSIPING.

    If you don’t like gossip don’t let the doorknob hit you cause I’m gonna keep on GOSSIPING about Gwen and her obviously gay husband, whom you are either banging or on the payroll.

  25. Damn I’ve just analyzed the photo again she is using her gay husband as a prop.

    Is she older than he? Cause with all that makeup she looks like an older transsexual male to female …like Marilyn, his old boyfriend.


  26. Right on! Gossip is all about making mountains out of molehills and fake stories. This site also has more than it’s fare share of gay obsessed experts (read into that what you will), so buzz off!

  27. Both their stars are fading as they should. His band BUSH is long forgotten, they were a U.K. ripoff of NIRVANA and kinda sucked. She’s not a good vocalist (she’s tone deaf if you’ve ever seen her performe live) or performer, although she’s made some great records. She’s more of a model at this point than a singer.

  28. Mel is right. In fact, after analyzing the photo myself, it’s obvious that GWEN IS A TRANSSEXUAL, again just like his old boyfriend. She must be paying off a lot of people to keep THAT under wraps all these years.

  29. Oops, HE must be paying off a lot of people. It’s hard to even talk about these freaks for us normal people, LOL.

  30. OMG…you people are sad and delusional. Made my day!! Lol

  31. Mel is being mocked. He’s the one trying to control the conversation. He’s the only one showing intolerance for opinions other than his. He can insert that door knob where the sun doesn’t shine.

  32. Tagg and iNdAkNOW are the poster “Reta”. As in crazeeeee Reta!

  33. Hm. They doth protest too much. LOL. Impotent much? Any fool with two eyes can see he is gay and there is no love chemistry. Even long time couples give off a spark.

    Hope Gwen is paying you trolls off in perfume at least you can sell that on Ebay, instead of her purses & CDs which are worth squat.

    Also, I ain’t Reta so bring it on. Those taunts mean nothing to me keep trying and see. You may become an evil twin..I don’t give an F.

  34. Mel, you’re sounding a bit frustrated lately. Closet got you down?

  35. Gavin is too HOT FOR TRANNYS for their relationship to have lasted this long. Gwen is DEFINATELY A TRANSSEXUAL. HE wore a fake pregnancy belly and had a surrogate artifically inseminated with Gavin’s sperm. No Doubt about it.

  36. Yup..thats me LONG…you’re a smart bitch! Who knew? Lol

  37. Fans and PR trolls are useless these days.

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