The success of “Dancing With the Stars” and “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Celebrity Rehab” has all the networks scrambling for reality shows involving celebrities in some kind of peril or unfamiliar situation. Last year, CBS announced it was working on a “fish out of water” pilot called “The Name Game” where a celebrity switched lives with an everyday person with the same name. (For example, actor Gary Busey might switch lives with a car mechanic with the same name.) They soon learned it was impossible to find willing participants with the same names. According to Deadline/Hollywood, ABC has ordered episodes of a celebrity edition of their hit Wife Swap (or is it LIFE SWAP?) in which celebrities switch lifestyles for a week. Come to think of it, we wouldn’t mind seeing NeNe Leakes and Star Jones swapping lives for a week.

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  1. One word: Yuck.

    Several words: You could not pay me to watch Nene or Star in another reality show. While, I watched RHOA, and cheered Nene in the first two seasons, I see what a hypocritical witch she is and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

    All I can say to the network, is good luck with that crap.
    I ain’t eatin” it.

  2. Donald Tramp has lost me as a viewer he can walk down a short pier kicking rocks.

  3. As if we need more reasons to turn off our TV sets.

  4. Star should stay as close to NeNe as possible because compared to that hood rat NeNe she looks halfway human.

  5. This show will be a hit with ex crack queens and street ho’s and everyone with an IQ of 7 that cant say a complete sentence.

    When will Obama step up and challenge the black’s to do better? Could Morgan Freeman be the new spokesman?

  6. I would pay BIG money to watch this!!

    I suggest a mud wrestling reality show. Watching these 2 slosh around in the mud would be hilarious. Visuals of this…too funny. Hahaha

  7. No thanks. Not interested.

    Those two are about as exciting as watching paint dry.

  8. The only way that I would watch NeNe Leakes on TV again is if she is in a locked cage talking with the volume turned all the way down!!

  9. Hey, great idea! But first they’ll have to dig up a few actual celebrities.

  10. Nene is the hood rat.

    Star is the buppy aka Black Urban Professional.

  11. why “nene” was EVER given this exposure is beyond me….then again, i do have some taste.
    i would love to see anyone shove a 1 pound baking potato down this loudmouths throat in the next episode of this POS show….

  12. Two of THE ugliest (inside AND out) and poorest excuses of black womanhood ever presented to the public via TV. Don’t either of them watch how they come off to the public? Star is smugly superior in her bug eyed way and Nene comes off as a horse voiced horse faced horse’s ass. Neither of them are needed by us lowly everyday mortals.

  13. I don’t watch Tramp sh!t but to give Star credit she is very well educated and spoken, during the times I have seen her on other programs.

  14. “Educated and well-spoken” maybe… but NOT a celebrity.

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