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Do you recognize this young mother? It’s Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn. Back in 2007 she was adorable and starring on Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101″ – her future seemed boundless. But the not-so-smart sixteen year old got pregnant that year and ended up moving back to Mississippi with her teenage boyfriend. They split up and now she is not only a single mom, but seems older than her 20 years….

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  1. I recognize her from seeing her picture in the news after she got pregnant. She looks around 20 to me? The girls I’ve seen on that 16 and Pregnant show don’t look near as good.

  2. She looks fine to me.

    Janet she is a young single Mother, cut her some slack.

  3. She may be ok because of a rich sister but millions arent and the kids suffer. The public just glosses over this and society goes downhill. What is the % of single parents in the black race? Very much the majority and so tragic for the future.

  4. Parenting isn’t easy period. We have to give her props for making her daughter a priority and moving home to take care of her.

  5. I should add that it shows a degree of maturity not often seen in a teen mother.

  6. anybody who has the nerves to say she looks fine must murdered by “The Electric Chair” or worse………..

  7. Agree with Denise. I can’t believe her daughter is 4 already!? Wow, time is flying by so fast. Strange that we never even hear of her or see pics of her child. I wonder if she was smart and invested her Zoey money and is living off of that?

  8. I think she looks great. She is just not dressed like the typical Hollywood 20 year olds…SLUTTY.

    Jamie Lynne has set a very good example for teen moms by making her daughter her priority. Way to go Miss Spears.

    Lynn & Jamie Spears must be thanking their lucky stars that this young lady is living a quiet, responsible life. I think the whole Britney Spears trainwreck thing scared the s&$t out of Jamie Lynne and that is why she run as fast as she could back to the hills!!

  9. How much child support is she getting from her high school dropout ex? (who is probably making minimum wage flipping burgers at a local joint)

  10. She looks just FINE! I respect her and her decision to go forth with her pregnancy! She has a beautiful little girl she has brought into the world! Yea, timing was off, she was really young… But that’s the way it happen’s sometimes. She should be applauded for her decision, it would have been a lot easier to get rid of her baby. She choice NOT to do that! Great Mom!!!

  11. I thought the baby daddy was an older rich guy and they just used the young guy as a front. If so,I could see her privacy was paid off by rich baby daddy.

  12. Any update on the identity of the kid’s REAL father?

    He’s a Disney TV Exec (allegedly) who, presumably, will continue to foot the bills as long as Jamie keeps her spreading ass down in Mississippi.

  13. “Mona Garrett” & “Hello” Not sure if you have seen this little girl or not but, she is the spitting image of Casey Aldridge(I think that’s his name).

    This TV exec rumor sounds like something made up by this Aldridge character in order for him to be one of those loser, dead beat fathers. Kids not mine, therefore I get a free pass. JLS has enough class and money to just let this loser continue to be a loser.

  14. Lose the glasses and fix the hair and she would still look great, still has her figure. She looks about a thousand times better than her sister, let’s just say that

  15. Thanks, Muffin—I didn’t know that, having never seen the kid.

    But it occurs to me that the pregnancy—and the disastrous implications for Disney and her parents’ bank account—might not have been unintentional.

    Could it have been Jamie’s own way of breaking free of her mother and father’s relentless show business aspirations for her?

    Her sister’s famous meltdown (those pictures of her shaven-headed, attacking a car with an umbrella were STUPEFYING), accomplished the same thing, at least for a while, but ultimately resulted in her father gaining even more control over her life.

    Jamie remaining headquartered in Mississippi (when I though the family was from Mandeville, in Louisiana?), may be another indicator that she’s forging a life for herself.

    Who knows?

  16. But speaking of stage mothers…I finally saw “Wishful Drinking” the other night. It’s the Carrie Fisher one-woman show from last year.

    The best part (and biggest surprise)?

    Carrie’s singing voice—which is huge, rich and expressive.

    She opens the show singing “Happy Days Are Here Again”—offstage; truly, you can’t believe that she is doing the singing. It was PHENOMENAL.

    Anyway, it reminded me of a thread on this site from a few weeks ago, about who should play Mama Rose in the remake of “Gypsy.”

    Carrie Fisher is the answer.

    And with her family background, so much the better. (The show by the way, was excellent. Funny and very poignant—even more so now with the recent death of Elizabeth Taylor—who Carrie talks about extensively.)

  17. Mona Garrett I think you are right on target with your
    “mother and father’s relentless show business aspirations for her” comment. A way for her to gain control of her life. Good insight!!

  18. Mona Garret were you standing there for the blood work? It may look like the young guy but what does the blood work say to end all confusion. She’s hot, young, full of cum. What old man wouldn’t want un touched fresh jail bait poon and then cover it up with money, lots of money to avoid jail and divorce. I’m not saying he did but it is a possibilty.

  19. “Hello” You are a tad bit obscene aren’t ya?

    No I wasn’t there for the “bloodwork”.

    Were you??

  20. She looks like the perfect candidate for a cashiering job at WalMart. Oh, wait…maybe that’s what she actually does! She’s already far too fat and “rode hard and put away wet”-looking for a girl so young.

  21. I agree Denise. 🙂

    I think she is a strong young lady to go ahead and have the baby and want to make a home for them. She isn’t the first to have sex at 16 or before and she won’t be the last. She’s also not the first to get pregnant in her teens. There’s several young actresses out there that have gotten pregnant and chose not to have the baby.

    She is still very young and hopefully has many wonderful years ahead of her for a career.

  22. A career?!? You can’t be serious, Walt Cliff! Her bimbo sister doesn’t have a “career” left to speak of at this point n, and this one wouldn’t have gotten herself pregnant as a mere child if she had an ounce worth of brains. Trailer trash.

  23. Teen Mom? I doubt it. She probably visits her child about as often as a big sister would see a sibling. Teen motherhood is like getting a new toy, to the rich celebrities. In the real world, it’s not as easy as passing Jr. off to the nanny when you begin to feel stressed/ bored/ have friends to hook up with.
    I am really inviting a load of haters here, but I just can not understand why abortion is not an option to so many people. But then again, I question a lot of these things.

  24. She for sure made a mistake getting knocked up and with a worthless bum at that. Since the kid is here tho, she seems to be crazy about her (altho this may be just photo-ops). Anyway, she is a million X better off than most single mothers, as she always has the mansion refuge in Louisiana and her slut sister’s mansion in California. For now, she should stay away from men for a while, but since her sister is who she is, she probably will always have some kind of man on the string, too.

  25. I would agree on abortion provided they agreed to be fixed where they could never have a child again. If this had happened there would have been a lot less unwanted children and no such thing as welfare queens. No way would Sharpton and Jesse Jackson agree to this as it would put a large dent in their supporters!

  26. Mona, it is not Mandeville they are from. It’s Kentwood, LA.

  27. MissEva,

    Your wrong. You sound bitter. She’s just a kid of 20. She owns her own house. You don’t ever hear of her drinking and doing drugs.

    Jamie’s sister has way over 150 million net worth. That sounds like a career to me. You don’t make that kind of money by being hated. In fact, You and I will never see that kind of money. Pretty dam good for someone that hasn’t hit 30 yet.

    Jamie is a very pretty young lady. Are you faulting her because she is wearing glasses? Are some of you faulting her for what she is wearing? For goodness sake she is dressed modestly. There’s nothing slutty about her sun dress. Furthermore, there is nothing fat about her. I think she is an ideal size.

    I am not so friggin old that I can’t remember what it was like to be a young horny teenager that thought I was in love or wanted to be in love. Most of us started our sex lives far too young. Racing hormones pretty much managed my teen years and twenties.

    Who are we to judge Jamie and her ex boyfriend just because we were lucky enough not to get pregnant when we forgot birth control or ….. We were lucky enough to remember to stop by the drugstore before we sweated all over each other.

    I am not saying it is right but I remember well that feeling late on a Friday night….full moon….your favorite music playing…a bra thrown in the front seat….and just a sheer piece of silk away from heaven.

    One other thing……I could better understand if she was having one child after another, filling a crack pipe and living off the government but she’s not so I just don’t get the hate.

  28. I can’t believe some people’s expectations when it comes to how other people look! Why does she have to be glamourous or beautiful? Why can’t she just look like your average girl next door, like she does? To me, she looks like your average 17-18 year old high school student: not spending excessive time on their fashion and grooming, because they have priorities like getting into college. Jamie Lyn’s priority may be other aspects of life like her child (not that I agree she deserves any particular credit for her parenting).

    Why should we expect every famous person to live like Jennifer Lopez (who I think is beautiful, but who clearly spends loads of time getting camera ready – or at least pays people to do this for her)?

    I would love to see pictures of those people who troll the internet calling women hags and fat slobs. I mean, really…can you not think of a few people in your life who you love or admire even though they are not glamazons?

  29. No I wasn’t there for the blood work but you said by his looks the baby looks like him. I need Maury to get on this one.

  30. Thanks, Dragonfly—

    and, no worries, “hello” 🙂

  31. Yes the talk is a Disney brass knocked her up.

  32. The facts are nobody can get away with claiming somebody knocked them up nowadays, the DNA with prove the fatherhood so that rubbish story is moot. I’m quite sure if there was any question at any point there was a test taken to prove who really fathered the baby as I’m sure the older man didn’t want to go to jail for statutory rape either. This isn’t the 50’s anymore people.

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