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We learned two important things from Nicole Kidman’s interview with Merle Ginsberg for The Hollywood Reporter. First of all, when Nicole tried on clothing provided for her to wear in the photoshoot, she decided she HAD to have one outfit. Instead of expecting to get it free like most acquisitive actresses, she pulled out her checkbook and paid for it. She said “I don’t take free clothes.” We LOVE her for that. Nicole’s name has come up in many Scientology stories and books lately. She would only say she chose NOT to speak publicly about Scientology (as we told you) – especially since her children Connor and Isabella are still Scientologists. Nicole refuses to confirm or deny the charge that the church “turned her children against her.” Hopefully, someday she will open up on this, but we totally understand her silence

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  1. I wonder if Connor and Bella ever want to visit Nic. But I think the tiny hitler has lied to them and turned them against her, not to mention insisting they continue the SCI thetan/counseling/clearing sessions. Connor seems to be doing OK as a DJ, but I feel sorry for Bella who is overweight and has terrible acne and always looks sad.

    It’s almost a sure bet that when the teeny-weeny one gets Suri for a visit he will try to do the same thing to her, that is give her unlimited toys and force her to take child SCI lessons in the privacy of his mansion. SCI is extremely vicious and will stop at nothing.

    Tom and David Miscavige should just hold hands and walk off into the sunset together, as they seem to be so in love with each other. Now that would be a very good thing. lol

  2. I wonder if she will ever address her fake pregnancy…

  3. Bella’s fat, sure, but at least she doesn’t hand out religious tracts to strangers on the street … ewwww ..

  4. I agree I never understood why Nicole got a pass for that. I mean if she didn’t want the kids that’s her choice but something tells me it didn’t take much for them to believe Nicole didn’t care about them.

  5. Strumpet’s Trumpet…..Good afternoon and I trust you are doing well.

    I owe you a heartfelt thanks for your comment. It has reminded me I need to order 700 religious tracts to send to our brave military in Afghanistan and Iraq (via chaplins’ request). I need to get them to the church which is mailing the boxes before Easter. So thank you sincerely again for your comment which reminded me to order them right now.

    To the subject: The Cruise/Kidman/2 kids/Scientology/ mystery saga has been going on for quite a while and imho no one will ever know the full truth of the matter.

  6. CI, really? equating tom cruise to hitler? That’s really reaching.

    What are religious tracts? What do yours say. If anything tell them to stop killing people for bankers, jews and pharmuceticals. Tell them that their fellow comrades are committing suicide. The fake president wants to control guns in the u.s. but it is ok to use them on women and children over in afghanstain and iraq. Using Drones to kill people must play well in their psyche.

    As for kidman she almost look likes how she first started in days of thunder. She has to remain silence just like everyone has to remain silence when it concerns fake jew nonsense, so yes you know it is understanable.

  7. ya, that’s just what the poor souls need, more trite, religious crap, from yet another self interested, self deluding sub-literate. if there was a God, he’d be ashamed of you. Send them money, or a ticket home. Save your crap for ballast for your double wide.

  8. You cannot just say “A Mother doesn’t leave her kids behind.” They were at an age where they decided to stay with Tom. If you knew what COS does to people who leave the ‘church’ you would understand. Disconnection,attacking etc. It is a cult. They turned the kids against her. it happens all the time. it is call parental alienation.

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