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Nick Nolte was talkative and chatted with photographers as he walked into this medical building in Beverly Hills. On the way OUT, he didn’t say a word – only hand gestures – because he had a couple of teeth pulled. If he’s uncomfortable NOW, wait until the anesthetic wears off… With or without teeth, Nolte is never hurting for work – he has four movies coming out this year and at least three next year.

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  1. No matter what is going on with him, I’ll always love him for the great movie “The Three Fugitives”, one of the few movies I can see over and over. He looked great and acting was superb. Best of all, it is free of the filth and porn so prevalent in Tinseltown.

  2. Oh filth and porn, porn and filth, filth and porn, how the hell old ARE you anyway Indy? Don’t go SEE a movie if you can’t take adult subjects, but some of us like a little filth and porn (if you know what I mean)…

    Oh, and he’s got a pretty mean Popeye impression going on there, doesn’t he? Wonder how sober he is today? How’s THAT sit with your filth and porn, or do raging alcoholics who dink & drive get a pass with you Indy?

  3. Dink and drive? That sounds like something Lindsay would do.

  4. He’ll be fine. There’s a scotch somewhere in Orange Co. with his name on it. : )

  5. Reta, to answer you: I’m old in some ways and young in some ways, and together it adds up to unusual wisdom. And what does that mean? It means whatever the hell you want it to mean.

  6. PS to Reta: Oh yeah, me and everyone highly approves of drinking and driving. Oh yeah, love it, they should get no jail time at all. Reta, I was just commenting on this unusually good movie that he was in WHEN HE WAS AT HIS PEAK.

  7. I’m pretty fed up with the likes of these old dudes like this guy and Mel Gibson, etc (fill in the blank_____________) who continue to be raging alcoholics and run around out in public acting like total morons towards women, as well as hving babies way past all time for making sense of it. I mean, if you’re going to be a loser asshole drunk, don’t plant babies you morons! But I guess that just proves how many brain cells they have lost already, doesn’t it? Those poor kids who have these total losers for fathers!

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