There’s no need to envy Kim Kardashian for her long think hair because it’s NOT natural – you can buy the same hair yourself! Kim picked up a fresh load of extensions at The Hair Shop on Wilshire Blvd yesterday. Maybe she has a special occasion coming up. Apparently all the Kardashian sisters have augmented hair.


  1. She is only now a pincushion for black men. Has followed the J Lo school to grab fame but not as crafty.

  2. Strom, I need to give you another lesson on life. Robert Deniro has only dated black woman and no one ever says a word about it. Naomi Campbell dates white men and no one ever says a word about it. People like people that might not be there color and that’s okay with the rest of us. Why does that bother you so much? Can’t get a white girl to date you? Grown up and stop being a sorry excuse for a man and maybe, and I mean just maybe some girl might let you get to first base.

  3. Is anything I said inaccurate? Don’t think so….maybe some dont like the truth. 75% of black kids are born to single parents,,,it’s not fair to them that their parents have no class.

  4. She’s going bald, look at the sides of her head….awfully vacant there. Lindsay is almost bald without her extensions too. These girls all ruin their natural hair with those stupid things.

  5. When did it become so difficult for women with naturally straight, or relatively straight, hair to grow their own? I mean to start out. As DiDi points out, once extensions are used, it is the beginning of then end – traction alopecia means more extensions are needed, which mean more hair loss over time, and on and on. Stupid girls.

  6. we don’t give a shit.

  7. Ah, Captain America. Your charm is only exceeded by your eloquence.

  8. DiDi, I agree with you, however, not only is it awfully vacant on the sides if her head but inside as well.

  9. So much is fake, it is a bit unsettling once you discover all the little cosmetic goodies that are added on or taken away.

    I can’t help but wonder what the medical examiner thought once the late Michael Jackson lay before him/her. The wig, the
    tatoo makeup, the plastic surgery, scars, and the skin disorder. The thing is all those things meant nothing to his fans. Other than, trying to undstand or looking past the strangeness of it all. We just loved the voice/dancing….the entertainer.

  10. Celebrities used to be naturally attractive. That is the way I would prefer it. I don’t want celebs who are plastic as they seem to be now – it lowers the value. Everything in this world seems to be cheap crap.

  11. Sebastian, I agree with you on the plastic people. And I can’t understand why these espiecially young women use this added in hair. It DOES cause their own hair to fall out more with the pulling and the glue. Hair was not meant to have other stuff riding on it. If you figure the size and depth of the root of a single hair, and that it already has to support the weight of its own hair shaft, adding something else to ride on that will OBVIOUSLY pull it out. There is no other alternative.
    These women are young and healthy and have their own thick hair to grow, so I just don’t get why they do this. Why anybody does!
    I have my own hair and it is down to my waist and nothing about it is fake, I have never even dyed it, so I just don’t understand why if they want long hair they don’t grow it out like I did. Quit cutting it off and it will be long! DUH!

  12. It is obvious that she has always tried to be something more and different as she went over to the black side relatively young and was made a fool of….after you have been pissed on by Ray J there isnt much pride left.

  13. strom, 75% of black households are single mothers homes. That is totally correct and we all should be floored by that. Hispanics have alot of kids and we all know that. Asians gamble way too much and we know that if you live in Las Vegas and I do. Now what do you think white men do that isn’t normal or is bad to you. Probably nothing is you small mind. Look at the papers Scott Peterson, Ted Bundy, and so on and so on. By the way, Sebastian I totally agree with you on that. I don’t even like women to shave down there.

  14. Lenny: I hereby nominate you for normal man of the year! Thank you for not being one of the racist assholes of this site, and for TRYING to set the ones who are straight. its a tiresome job, but someone’s gotta do it! And you are entirly correct in that most serial killers ARE white men. I have been trying to figure out the obsessions over this racial issue since I first found this site and also why it seems to be so rampant on this site more so than others. It’s an odd dynamic to be sure. You’ll find that no matter WHAT the post is about these readers will turn their answers to race or sexual preferences. It’s mind boggling to me. Makes me feel like I’m back in 6th or 7th grade really. Maybe they all live back in the backwaoods of the ozarks? Play a banjo on the front porch???

  15. Has anyone noticed the change in Kim’s face? It looks kind of puffy and non-moving…restylane and botox?

  16. Nothing is real anymore; everyone is plastic surgeried, botoxed, photoshopped, airbrushed, with pounds of makeup and fake hair. Even the talent isn’t real. Everyone is using autotune or on a dumbass “reality” show making fools of themselves. This why we make fun of them on sites like this, they aren’t worthy of any respect.

  17. I agree with Kylie. I wonder if one day when they are older these Kardashian types will finally wake up and realize they have wasted their lives, they did nothing of any value whatsoever.

  18. Here! Here! The Kardashians, and so many other talentless/lazy/stupid celebs make themselves figures of fun, ripe for the mocking, they make good money doing it, so no one need complain, or pity them.

  19. I for one am not a racist. I don’t care if Reggie Bush is purple or green or if Kim is yellow or orange. The only thing I think is shocking is how they keep breaking up over and over and going back and splitting and going back yada yada yada. Reggie is good-looking and rich and I’m sure he had plenty of company while they were split. Same with Kim. Plenty of time for either of them to catch STD’s which can linger in the bloodstream before coming to the surface. Hope they get tested. I actually think Reggie should get rid of her for good and find his soul-mate. Playing the field non-stop is very dangerous in these days. And that’s a general statement for everyone.

  20. Indy why did you feel the need to state you aren’t a racist? Just because you think someone is trash doesn’t make you a racist. For me, I think he’s trash because he peed on her and in my mind that means he has misogynistic attitudes and no class.

  21. Kylie, no one is questioning why we come to this (or any other GOSSIP site) they post/we comment. What SOME of us DO try to question however are the CONSTANT barrage of racist and homophobic comments on here. It seems no matter WHAT the original post by Janet, some moron will begin a diatribe about race and/or sexual preferences which has NOTHING to do with the original post. That’s all, and there are a few of us that are sick to death of it! It is so juvinile and offensive. Anybody hear about Mel Gibson? I rest my case!

  22. Reta, I agree with you. However, please to not confuse outing someone, or discussing his being in or out, with homophobia – it is not. And RE a celebrities sexual preference: I consider it hypocritical and ridiculous that celebs sell themselves for millions of dollars, but then draw the line at this detail or that. It is like having a garage sale, and then deciding you won’t sell certain items to certain people.

  23. There’s no need to envy Kim Kardashian for her long think hair because it’s NOT natural – you can buy the same hair yourself! Kim picked up a fresh load of

  24. Well, my friends have really bring down the reputation of kim , like getting a hair extension for her is the only option left otherwise she is gonna bald soon and just can’t dare to face anyone.She should try to live a decent lifestyle without any consequences.

  25. No white guy will want anything to do with her so KK will be regulated to screwing BLACKS for the rest of her days!

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